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    Two Signs You Might Need a Lumbar Pillow for Bed

    Have you been waking up with a stiff back, tense muscles, and a dull ache in your lower back?

    And whether or not this is random, chronic, or recent lower back pain — you're confused. How can your back feel so crooked when you’ve done all the popular recommendations? For example, you:

    • Sleep on your back
    • Avoid sleeping positions that contort your spine
    • Opt for a smaller pillow

    You might have even bought a new mattress with hopes of alieving your back pain.

    But what if we told you that lower back pain is a sign that you need a lumbar pillow for your bed? Relieving back pain as a result.

    The second sign?

    If you’re a side, back, or combination sleeper you need a lumbar pillow. This means, yes, we are recommending a lumbar pillow for pretty much everyone.

    Because regardless of your sleeping position, your spine can bend out of its natural alignment and cause problems.

    However, if you use a lumbar pillow, it will support your spine and encourage its natural shape.

    With that said, not just any lumbar pillow will do. You need a high-quality lumbar pillow. For example, your lumbar pillow should:

    • Be ergonomically-designed 
    • Contain a spine crevice to allow the natural S-shape
    • Provide mid-back support
    • Encourage correct lower back posture and prop the lower/mid-spine up

    We highly recommend the Back Relief Lumbar Pillow from The Cushion Lab.


    Because our Back Relief Lumbar Pillow meets those standards with flying colors.

    But don't just take our word for it. Let’s see what Goop (a popular health and wellness company and brand created by Gwyneth Paltrow) had to say about us:

    “Cushion Lab’s lumbar pillow is another effective way to upgrade a seat that is ergonomically lacking: Just slide it over the back of your chair—an adjustable strap holds it in place when you need it. Places goop staffers have used it include: the car, the couch, previously unforgiving dining room chairs. One editor even used it to trick out an Aeron chair. The firm memory foam contours to the natural curve of your spine to support a comfortable sitting posture (and the removable cover is machine-washable).

    So, back to sign number one. If you have lower back pain you need our Back Relief Lumbar Pillow.

    Say Goodbye to Back Pain and Hello to Our Back Relief Lumbar Pillow For Bed

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    Do You Know Why You Wake Up With Lower Back Pain?

    Lower back pain is not rare. In fact, nearly 65 million Americans have reported a recent incident of back pain. While 8% of adults say they experience chronic lower back pain.

    Because 82% of the population are side-sleepers or sleep with a combination of side-sleeping, we’re not surprised.

    Although side-sleeping has reduced chances of snoring and can help promote enhanced blood circulation — it contorts your spine at the hip level, especially if you have wider hips.

    In fact, this is why women are more prone to back pain. Because the average hip measurements for a women’s hip is larger than a man's.

    And due to the pressure put upon the hip, even the side-sleeper knee pillow might not give you much relief. Although this would aid your knees in being the proper distance apart, the pressure still remains on the hip pressed against the mattress.

    As a result, there is a gap between the mattress and your back, right above the hip area. This causes the spine to bend abnormally — causing pain, discomfort, and bad posture.

    To make matters even worse, you toss and turn throughout the night — never staying comfortable for too long. Thus, your lower back muscles become strained and overworked.

    So, now do you understand why even though you get a full night's sleep on a quality mattress, you wake up in pain, feeling stiff and unrested?

    With that, our Back Relief Lumbar Pillow is your solution to a peaceful and spine-aligned sleep.

    Our lumbar pillow slips right into that space above your hip, and consequently, the spine does not bend abnormally and is supported with contoured memory foam.

    However, it’s not just side-sleepers that need lower back support while sleeping. In fact, every type of sleeper can use lumbar support.

    As a result, if you sleep on your back or with a combination of both your back and side, it is a sign you need a lumbar pillow for your bed as well. In fact, we deeply advise it.

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    Back Relief Lumbar Pillow

    Side, Back, Or Combination Sleeper? Throw Away Those Support Pillows and Get Some Lumbar Pillows

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    Side, Back, or Stomach: Which Is The Best Sleep Position for Your Body?

    Whether you sleep on your back, side, or both —  a lumbar pillow that supports the curve of your spine is necessary.

    Here’s why.

    Back-Sleeping May Be the Least Strenuous on the Back, But You Still Need Lumbar Pillow Support

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    Back Relief Lumbar Pillow

    Most chiropractors actually recommend that you sleep on your back. Although you have a higher chance of snoring or experiencing sleep apnea, it’s the least likely to cause neck and back pain.

    In fact, if you’re curious about back sleeping (or any sleeping position) and would like to learn more, visit our blog.

    So, why does back-sleeping require lumbar support?

    Well, naturally, the spine has an S-shaped curve to it. And when you lay on your back, your back unnaturally straightens out — pushing the lower lumbar area forward.

    This is why for back sleepers, it’s recommended you place a pillow under your knees and push your hips backwards — towards the mattress. This supports the lower back and encourages a more natural and curved shape in your spine.

    But the problem with this position is that it can create an empty gap between your back and the mattress.

    This is where our lumbar pillow comes in. It fills that gap with ergonomically-designed and rebounding memory foam for superior lumbar support.

    As for stomach sleepers, we have a different recommendation for you.

    Stomach Sleepers Are A Little Different, So Is Our Suggestion

    spine posture equals leg pain
    Adjustable Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

    Did you know only 16% of the population are stomach-sleepers? That is the smallest group out of all three categories — back, side, and stomach.

    While this is the smallest group, the havoc it can wreak on your spine is not minimal. In fact, this is the least recommended sleeping position.

    To begin, sleeping on your stomach leaves your neck in a twisted position all night. And if you sleep with a pillow, the pressure on your neck is even greater. As a result, this puts you at a greater risk of neck pain.

    Plus, sleeping with your chest facing the mattress along with the elevation of a pillow can cause you to flex your lower back while you're sleeping — putting a tremendous amount of stress on your back.

    While we don’t recommend our lumbar pillow for stomach sleepers, we highly suggest our Adjustable Shredded Memory Foam Pillow instead.

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    Adjustable Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

    But it doesn't matter what type of sleeper you are, The Cushion Lab is here to help you:

    • Get a better sleep
    • Improve your sleeping and sitting posture
    • Support your lower back and spine 

    You don’t have to take it from us; listen to what our customers have to say. 

    Just a Few 5-Star Reviews From Thrilled Customers

    “This is one of those things that you didn't know how much you needed until you tried it. I use it while watching TV, because my couch is too deep, and I'm either leaning back uncomfortably or my feet are dangling. Now I can sit with perfect posture and absolutely no discomfort.” 

    “Great product for back alignment and pain reduction. After buying mine, I bought one for my husband, and now others in our family have purchased. I use it everywhere. Highly recommend.”

    “I haven't stopped using it from the time it arrived at my doorstep. I have severe lumbar spine problems and this pillow's design, along with, the quality material it is made out of and, the super firm inner padding, immediately relieves my pain when lying back on it.”

    “I actually use this when I'm sitting on the couch and holding my baby and it is such great back support.”

    “I love this lumbar pillow. It’s very comfortable while still giving support. The sleek design makes easy to fit on any seat that you choose!!”

    These Two Signs Declare You Need a Lumbar Pillow From The Cushion Lab Today

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    Back Relief Lumbar Pillow

    Do you suffer from random or chronic back pain that leaves you feeling stiff, uncomfortable, and tense?

    Are you a back or side-sleeper that tosses and turns all night — leaving you feeling unrested, stiff, and achy for the day ahead?

    Did you know these are two major signs that you need our Back Relief Lumbar Pillow for your bed? In fact, Allure says our lumbar pillow: “encourages better posture and reduces back pain.”

    While one of our satisfied customers, Richard R., who gave our pillow a five-star review mentions:

    “I've been trying various throw pillows and back devices to support my lower back while on the sofa reading or watching television. This lumbar pillow looked deceptively simple, not gimmicky. It didn't have a fancy curve or bumps or nodules to apply pressure to various points on my back. It was just nicely contoured with a simple wing-like design. I tossed in onto the sofa, leaned back, adjusted it, and just like that - comfort! Since then, I've tried it in several different chairs and it works like a charm. Very pleased with this purchase.”

    Plus, our lumbar pillow has set the standards for exceptional comfort and spinal alignment. For example, our pillow provides:

    • Lower and mid-back support for strong posture
    • Contouring around the spine to allow its natural S-shape curve
    • Designed by our in-house ergonomists

    So, are you ready to change the way you sit and sleep in your bed (or anywhere)? If so, our in-stock lumbar pillow is here to support you and your back.

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