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    7 Proven Secrets to An Effective Bedtime Routine for Adults

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    7 Proven Secrets To An Effective Bedtime Routine For Adults

    Quality sleep is what keeps us energized and productive.The crew at Cushion Lab has put together a list of 7 things you should incorporate in your sleep routine to be on the fast track to better sleep.

    1. Make it a habit

    We are all creatures of habit, and sleep is no different. Try to go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day. By doing so, you train your body to naturally enter a biological wind down as you near sleep time. Combine this with the routine suggested below for even better effect.

    2. Write down a task list for the next day

    You are lying in bed cycling through upcoming tasks and events while becoming increasingly awake & anxious, unable to fall asleep, does this sounds familiar? A restless mind is never a good ingredient for quality sleep. We suggest that before you sleep,write down your upcoming events for the next day so you can release your mental cache. You will fall asleep faster, and wake up ready to pick up where you left off.

    3. Wind down meditation

    In a survey of our readers on this website, 62% said that a busy mind keeps them from sleeping. If this rings a bell, then a 5 min meditation exercise can help enormously.  Hereare some meditation apps that can help you achieve a desirable wind down.

    4. Drink water early

    One of the main disruptors of good sleep is having to wake up mid-sleep to go to the bathroom. Our solution is to drink water early, and stop liquid intake one hour before sleep. Your system should be able to get all the excess water out before bedtime, and the need to wake up to go to the bathroom should decrease, allowing for uninterrupted sleep.

    5. Cut down the smart devices before sleep

    We are all guilty of lying in bed, scrolling through our phones and sleeping way past our bedtime. These smart devices emit blue lights that can limit the production of melatonin, the hormone that regulates your brain's ability to sleep & wake up. This disrupts the brain's natural sleep-wake cycles and forces our body to stay awake, the exact opposite of what you want.

    We suggest to cut out smart devices usage half an hour before bedtime. If you must use them, either wear blue light blocking glasses or turn on the blue light filter function built into your devices.

    6. Use a white noise machine

    Your room should be free from excessive noises or other distractions such as outside traffic, or your partner's snoring. Try using a white noise machine such as this one, not only does it block out outside noises, it will also help draw your attention and lull you to sleep.

    Bustle made a great list of their 4 best white noise machines for sleep.

    7. Lastly,  your pillow should fit your sleep position

    Make sure your pillow fits your sleep position. Bad posture-induced neck andlower back painis the number one disrupter of good sleep, learn about how to better support your neck and back by selecting the right pillow for you here. Thegeneral ruleof thumb is to choose a tall & full pillow for side sleepers, a medium height pillow for back sleepers, and a lower profile pillow for stomach sleepers.
    Our ergonomic contour pillow below is great for back & side sleepers who often reposition through the night. It has raised cheek support that's integrated with the full-length neck support to allow you to seamlessly reposition from back to side sleeping throughout the night.

    See our neck support contour pillow
    We also have the innovative adjustable shredded memory foam pillow that can be customized to the ideal height to match your sleep position. Outside of its unique adjustability, the pillow is filled with innovative shredded memory foam fills that provides the fluffiness of down with the legendary support that memory foam is known for. The is a great pillow for all sleepers and might just be your new favorite pillow!

    See our adjustable foam pillow  for every sleeping style.

    Try incorporating these tips as the basis of your bedtime routine, tweak it to your liking, and up your sleep game.
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