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    4 Reasons You Need a Neck Pillow on Your Next Trip

    When you think of going for a vacation, what comes to mind? Is it serene beaches, a safari in Africa, or a relaxing stay at a luxurious hotel?

    Or do you instead grit your teeth at the thought of the travel day? The long hours spent seated in the same spot—cramped, uncomfortable seats to boot.

    If only we could magically teleport and find ourselves lounged on a pool bed with a refreshing cocktail in hand.

    Fortunately, there’s a way to feel as if the journey is shorter: You can sleep during the trip!

    A good neck pillow can turn those arduous hours into relaxing nap time, but being comfortable on your journey is not just about sleep.

    There are many more reasons why you should invest in a neck pillow. Let’s take a look.

    neck and shoulder sleep position
    Ergonomic Travel Neck Pillow

    Does a Neck Pillow Really Work? 

    You’ve heard, or even seen, other passengers traveling with these pillows around their necks, but do they work as advertised? 

    For the most part, yes. A neck pillow offers neck support, allowing you to sleep even in limited spaces.

    However, you also need to understand that a pillow will not be as comfortable as you want it to be unless it helps recreate your typical sleeping style. 

    For example, if you sleep on your belly, a side sleeper pillow might not offer the same benefits as a stomach pillow.

    According to Dr. John Schubbe, a chiropractor at the Schubbe Resch Chiropractic and Physical Therapy Center in Neenah, Wisconsin, back sleepers should prioritize pillows that support their cervical spine’s natural curve.

    Alternatively, side sleepers should opt for pillows that keep their heads up and their spine straight. Also, the pillow needs to be thicker than that of a back sleeper.  

    Reasons Why You Need to Invest in a Pillow for Neck Pain

    Preventative measures are always better than the cure. Think of all the hassle of getting your medical checks, tests and medication you would need if you damaged your back on a journey.

    Some of these issues are avoidable if you paid more attention to how your back is aligned when at work or traveling.

    Other reasons to get that neck pillow and enjoy smoother travels include: 

    Preventing Neck and Jaw Pain 

    According to the TMJ Therapy and Sleep Center of Colorado, neck and jaw pain during road trips is caused by several problems, such as lack of proper spine support.

    If you’re planning to go on a road trip, it won’t hurt to carry a neck pillow that offers  the support you need for the journey.

    Invest in travel pillows, and you’ll have an easier ride without constant neck and back pain.

    Also, try to take breaks during the road trip. Get out of your car for several minutes or hours, walk around, lay on the grass, or do anything other than sitting in the same position for more than 2 hours. Take advantage of the stops to stretch or walk around before you resume your journey.

    Reduce Stress on Your Lower Back

    One of society’s biggest issues today is that people spend most of their day seated either at work or at home. This increases the stress on your lumbar, and you might not even realize it because you’re accustomed to the position.

    Over time poor postural habits are formed, and some develop other issues such as chronic neck pain and sleep apnea. All this because you spend most of your day hunched over in a seat with little to no back and neck support.

    Even when you're traveling, have you ever thought of getting pillows to ensure that your back stays in proper alignment the entire trip? According to spine-health, unsupported postural habits could be the reason you’re always complaining about your lower back.

    Your spine will thrive if it’s in a stable and supportive environment. Therefore, invest in pillows that will ensure your spine is aligned even when traveling. 

    Prevent Text Neck 

    If you’re not working on your desk, or on your phone texting, watching, or sharing videos, you spend the better part of your day looking down and your back, neck, and shoulders have to work harder to support your head.

    Memory foam firmness
    Source: Pixabay

    On average, your head weighs about 12 pounds, but the more your lean forward, the heavier the load on your cervical spine. For example, if you lean forward at an angle of 15 degrees, the load on your cervical spine increases to 27 pounds.

    Consider the younger generation and how they spend most of their time on their phone scrolling through social media during trips. How much strain does their cervical spine endure during a road trip or flight? 

    That’s too much stress on your neck muscles and cervical spine, which you can avoid by:

    • Holding your phone closer to eye level
    • Take frequent breaks from your phone
    • Exercising regularly 
    • Arching and stretching your upper back periodically to relieve neck pain

    Also, don’t forget to carry a memory foam pillow for your neck. 

    Instead of scrolling through your phone, you can sleep or rest your head on the pillow as you enjoy passing views. 

    Your Back Hurts 

    There are three main reasons people don't travel frequently; they don’t have the time, money, or their body hurts. 

    It makes no sense to put your body through hours of torture just to visit a location.

    Bamboo cover
    The Best Way To Prevent Morning Lower Back Pain

    According to the American Chiropractic Association, about 31 million Americans report episodes of back pain at any given time. It’s so prevailing that health care costs due to back pain-related issues have hit $50 billion and are expected to increase.

    Back pain is one of the leading causes of lost work hours every year. It also prevents people from engaging in other activities such as traveling.

    Fortunately, your back pain doesn't have to get in the way of having fun. There are many ways you can travel pain-free, such as by bringing a travel pillow with you anytime you’re traveling. 

    It might sound like an annoying accessory to carry around, but it will come in handy during your train rides, flights, or road trips. Beware of choosing a pillow that supports your back and neck. 

    You can start with the Ergonomic Lumbar Pillow. As the name suggests, it’s designed to offer support on the lower back, which is necessary during travels. Think of it this way, when traveling, you’ll often try to get in a comfortable position, often resulting in hunching or other unnatural spine positions.

    Water pillow
    Back Relief Lumbar Pillow

    This increases pressure on your lower back. However, if you were to use the Ergonomic pillow, you could avoid the hunched back and other unnatural spine positions.

    The idea is that the pillow may help align your back to reduce pressure on your lower back and facilitate smoother travels.

    What Are the Best Pillows for Neck Pain? 

    As mentioned earlier, there is no one-size-fits-all pillow. 

    For example, at The Cushion Lab we have the Award-Winning Ergonomic Travel Neck Pillow

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    Ergonomic Travel Neck Pillow

    Is it the best pillow for neck pain? Well, you’ll have to assess it based on the following factors: 


    Most sleepers prefer neck pillows made of memory foam, buckwheat, down, latex, or feather. Memory foam pillows tend to mold in response to pressure, creating a supportive cradle for your neck.

    Alternatively, buckwheat pillows are naturally breathable, durable, and resistant to allergens. However, they’re pricier compared to other neck pillows and need break-in periods.

    Feather pillows are customizable as you can add or take out the feathers to adjust the loft. The downside is they lose their loft after some time.

    The deciding factor here is preference. 

    If you prefer memory foam, you’ll be glad to know that our award-winning pillows are made of 100% Extra Dense Hyperfoam. They also have a polyester cover and come with a polyester storage bag.

    These neck pillows have become the go-to travel pillows for thousands of travelers worldwide, as seen from this review.

    This little travel pillow is a saver.

    “I travel a lot internationally and nationally. I have used many different pillows, and you know what? Let me tell you, this little pillow is different from others that I used before. It is super easy to carry - good for travelers like me who always pack a thousand items with me. It is breathable and thus good for my allergy-prone skin. It is soft yet firm due to its dense memory foam. I now travel with ease with this little saver travel pillow.” - Sophie W. 


    A good pillow doesn’t have to be expensive. 

    However, it needs to have the right materials, be durable, and offer sufficient neck support. If that means paying extra to enjoy better sleep quality, so be it.

    Fortunately for you, The Cushion Lab’s prices are affordable, and every pillow comes with a one-year warranty.

    In simple terms, we’ve got your back.

    Shop the perfect travel pillow for your needs today and enjoy a good journey’s rest.