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Our Story - Bringing comfort to everyone at an affordable price.

Our Materials - It takes the best to make the best.

cushion lab history, idea and story

Ergonomically Made, Quality Crafted, Affordable to Everyone.

Everyone should be more comfortable

When our body feels good, our mind feels lucid. We experience the world unhampered. And it's an exhilarating exercise that generates positivity and ramps up productivity. If we all have more comfort in our lives, the world will be a brighter place. That's why we decided to create products that make people comfortable.

So we got to work

We looked at where we spent most of our time and created an ever-growing suite of thoughtfully designed products to improve posture, comfort, and overall well being for every aspect of your day/night.
about cushion lab
soft and comfortable pillows

We created products from a more human perspective

Together with ergonomic specialists and physical therapists, our team of designers and engineers worked tirelessly to create products that contour the body, improve posture, and provide natural pressure-relieving support. The result? Ergonomic products that make you wonder how you ever got by without them.

We obsessed over quality to improve your experience

We handpicked premium fabrics to soften the touch on your skin. And when we couldn't source memory foam with the right rebound, we developed our own: The proprietary extra-dense Hyperfoam™, our secret sauce to lasting body support.
Affordable for Everyone
Ethically Made, with Care.

Made with care, affordable to all

We didn't forget why we started in the first place. We want to make comfort accessible to everyone; that's why we keep operation lean, and our production ethical and honest to provide top quality comfort-improving products with prices that let you sleep at night.

Let's make your world comfortable.