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    Can Anti-Snore Pillows Really Help Your Partner Stop Snoring?

    Yes, anti-snore pillows can actually help your partner stop snoring.

    And we have the best pillows to stop snoring

    Don't believe us? We'll prove it to you.

    Our Neck Relief Ergonomic Cervical Pillow is our most popular anti-snore pillow because it:

    • Is made with our very own gel-infused memory foam that always springs back
    • Includes a 100% organic and super soft machine-washable cover
    • Lifts and angles your neck to prevent airway blockage
    • Cradles and stretches your neck and spine for maximum comfort and pain relief
    • Caters to both back, side, and combination sleeping positions 
    • Is made with high-quality and natural materials for yours and the planet’s wellness. 

    In fact, it's the angled lift and stretch of your neck that works wonders for reduced snoring.

    And what sets us apart from our competitors is our neck and head contouring that allows peak comfort and support — no matter the sleeping position your partner chooses.

    Plus, we have a mission and take ethical actions that take care of the planet, the health of our communities, and you.

    And we do this by partnering up with leading organizations who:

    • Support our climate and the planet
    • Assist those affected by natural disasters
    • Eliminate and test for toxic substances 

    With that, let’s talk about why your partner is snoring in the first place.

    Why Does Pillow Snoring Happen?

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    Snoring can be so boisterous and disruptive. We think it's a complicated issue, and it’ll be a real pain to stop.

    But the reason for snoring is quite simple.

    It all starts when your body goes from light to deep sleeping. And when you fully fall asleep, your whole body completely relaxes.

    This includes your throat, mouth, and tongue muscles. But once these parts relax, your airways can become restricted. 

    For example, your:

    • Tongue can collapse backward towards your throat 
    • Soft palate and throat muscles become more obstruesent

    In other words, your airways can become slightly obstructed, and your airflow becomes forced.

    And it's this combination of forced airflow with now smaller pathways that cause intense vibrations within the walls of your throat. The byproduct is snoring.

    So, with that said, how do you alleviate snoring? 

    Here Is Why Our Memory Foam Pillow Is the Best Anti-Snoring Pillow

    Neck Relief Ergonomic Cervical Pillow
    Neck Relief Ergonomic Cervical Pillow

    While some may try to stop snoring by stacking multiple pillows together to achieve a lifted head and keep their airways clear, it isn't a good idea.

    In fact, this can cause serious neck strain and spine issues.

    And there are other “anti-snoring pillows” and products available that claim to reduce snoring or prevent snoring, such as:

    • Wedge pillows
    • Smart nora (almost 5x the cost of our anti-snore pillow)
    • Anti-snoring pillows

    While our pillow is similar to a wedge pillow, it is far more superior.


    Because our pillow slightly lifts your head and neck to keep your airways clear and is angled at about 45 degrees.

    As a result, this provides neck support and keeps your spine in its natural alignment — reducing snoring and the chances of serious complications later on down the road.

    Typically, a wedge pillow is only suitable for back-sleepers. Making it extremely inconvenient for those who sleep on their back and side.

    But our anti-snore memory foam pillow is made for sleeping on your side and sleeping on your back.

    Did you know: sleeping with your neck in alignment and lifted at an angle can reduce the risk of acid reflux, making this the right pillow if you’re pregnant.

    Side-Sleepers Choose the Neck Support Our Anti-Snore Pillow Offers

    Anti-Snore Pillow
    Neck Relief Ergonomic Cervical Pillow

    Snoring mostly happens while you sleep on your back, so changing your sleep position may help lessen airway obstruction and reduce snoring.

    So, if you’re encouraging your snorer to side sleep, or if they’re already a combination (side and back) sleeper, we’ve got you covered.

    sleep apnea
    Shaped by In-house Ergonomist to align for proper support

    In fact, our Neck Relief Cervical Pillow provides head and neck support with:

    1. A slightly rounded dip in the center of the pillow for the head
    2. Lifted at both sides for face support 
    3. Curved neck base for relief and to remain in alignment with the spine
    4. Continued neck ramp 
    5. Natural curved at the side to avoid pressure and allow room for the shoulders

    With our anti-snore pillow, changing sleep positions is easy. No matter what position your partner ends up in, you won't hear a sound.

    But all it takes to understand how this life-changing pillow helps snoring and sleep difficulties is a few positive customer reviews.

    Our Customers Say We Have the Best Pillows For Snoring

    “I got my husband this pillow for his birthday. About a year and a half ago he had one of his cervical discs in his neck replaced. Since then he still has been in pain every day. He works as a painter so the hard labor every day effects his neck. He also snores... Really bad. I didn't expect this pillow to fix everything completely but it helped more than I could have ever imagined.

    The snoring has decreased incredibly and he doesn't complain about his neck as much as he used too. So after about a week of him loving his pillow and me laying on it when he goes to work.. I got one too. I had a huge problem with my arms falling asleep at night depending on what side I was sleeping on and now it doesn't happen at all.

    I can roll over from my back to my side and stay really comfortable. We've only had them for 3 weeks so I can't attest to how they last but just knowing my husband sleeps this much better at night is completely worth it for me.”
    - Sarah

    “The best part about this pillow is that it has allowed me to finally sleep better. I am not sure if it is helping my snoring or not yet, but my throat doesn't feel like I have been snoring. That may make sense to those of you who snore. It felt low at first, but I got used to it. Most pillows elevate your head at an unnatural angle. This pillow lifts your head just enough.” - Wondermom

    “It is super comfortable and the quality is amazing. The price is totally worth it. I recommend highly.” - Maggie

    So, we’ve discussed the how and why of our Neck Relief Ergonomic Cervical Pillow and identified that it’s ideal for:

    • Loud snoring/snorers
    • Neck pain relief 
    • A pregnancy pillow
    • The back and side sleep position

    But do the inside materials matter? What is our Neck Relief Cervical Pillow made out of?

    What We Do For The Planet, Our Community, and Future Generations

    But we know we can always do more
    But we know we can always do more

    All of our cushions and pillows are made with our proprietary, gel-infused, and rebounding memory foam that can support up to 250lbs without going flat.

    And our memory foam is CertiPUR-US (a non-profit organization that seeks to certify qualified businesses in the memory foam industry).

    This means our materials do not contain poisonous and toxic substances that other seat cushions do.

    In fact, if a company isn't CertiPUR-US certified, they likely use toxic chemicals in their productions such as:

    Not only do we avoid using these dangerous chemicals for your health and the planet, but also for future generations.

    We believe in doing our part as a business.

    Which is why every year, we measure our carbon footprint and offset it — making us a 100% climate-neutral company. In fact, we have partnered together with Climate Neutral.

    But that’s not all we do for our community.

    We have partnered up with Onetreeplanted™ to help repair the damage done and the millions of acres that were destroyed in the Australian forest fires.

    Onetreeplanted™ has plans to replant over 6 million trees when the soil is ready.

    And at the same time, we donate regularly to an organization known as Good360.

    What do they do? They have a mission to provide people who have been affected by natural disasters with necessities they have lost.

    Our Neck Relief Ergonomic Cervical Pillow Is the Ultimate Anti-Snore Pillow

    obstructive sleep apnea
    Neck Relief Ergonomic Cervical Pillow

    At The Cushion Lab we want you to have a peaceful sleep.

    That means not having to wake up four hours before your alarm is set to go off because your partner is snoring — very loudly.

    And we don't want you to feel like your only options are escaping to the couch or to your spare bedroom just to get some peace and quiet.

    That said, our Neck Relief Ergonomic Cervical Pillow is your solution. Best of all? You can stay and sleep in your own bed.

    If you have been captivated by our products and mission, we encourage you to visit us at The Cushion Lab and click on our blog.

    “I used to wake with terrible neck pain from staring at a computer and phone all day and then sleeping on a flimsy, feather-filled pillow. I’ve tried bamboo pillows (firm but not shaped for my neck) and posture-correcting pillows (better but overly bulky, so I found myself waking throughout the night to readjust). I got a chance to try this medium-firm ergonomic memory-foam pillow infused with cooling gel from Cushion Lab, and I’m in love.

    I’m a side and back sleeper (formerly stomach, but that was doing nothing for my neck), and this pillow is wonderful for both positions. It’s designed with my issues in mind: A concave area in the middle of the pillow conforms to and cradles my head, neck, and shoulders, and there’s a raised area that fits perfectly beneath my skull for when I sleep on my side. I look forward to using this pillow every night because I no longer toss and turn trying to find the right spot, and my neck feels better too.”- SELF (World-wide magazine, brand, and website)

    Featured Image: Freepik by Valuavitaly