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    The Best Way To Prevent Morning Lower Back Pain

    Waking up to back pain is the worst!  

    Instead of feeling charged and refreshed, you feel like you just went through severe jet lag and your body is aching for more rest. You will most likely go through the day feeling irritated, disengaged, and a general decrease in productivity.

    What causes morning lower back pain?

    It's bad sleep posture

    82% of the population are some forms of side sleepers at every night. It's a comfortable sleeping style that has a lower probability of snoring and better promotion of blood circulation.

    However, it is also much prone to spine contortion from collapsing of the hip caused by lack of leg support.

    Additionally, when you lay on your sides, your legs are constantly hunting for the ideal support, this is especially true if you have a wide hip. The perfectly stacked knee posture usually doesn't last long due to the concentrated pressure, forcing you to toss and turn. You end up staggering your upper or lower knee and twisting your hip in the process. This starts a domino effect that throws off your body geometry, dragging and twisting your spine, making your lower back muscles excessively tense and overworked.

    Come morning, you will be treated to a severe case of lower back paincompounded by anxiety from lack of quality sleep.

    So how can we combat this situation?

    The best solution is to sleep with aknee pillow,ours fit comfortably between your thighs, is ergonomically shaped, and is supportive and pliable. Physicians and chiropractors trust ours for its ergonomic design, comfortable fitment, and usage of proprietary premium memory foam.

    By fitting a pillow between your thighs, your legs will be adequately supported and spaced, allowing the hip to be balanced and neutral to the spine. This leads to hip and spine alignment, leaving back muscles relaxed and well-rested.

    Your legs will cease to hunt for support, and your knees will also benefit from being appropriately spaced, no more knee-knocking. With everything harmonious, you should fall asleep faster and deeper, increasing sleep quality.
    In the morning; you will wake up charged, refreshed, and ready to tackle the day with positive energy.

    See our Roll Pillow for neck and lumbar pain relief

    In Conclusion

    you might be one Knee Pillow away from much better sleep quality and increased next day productivity, all pain-free!
    Please share with a friend or a loved one that is suffering side sleeping back pain to help them find comfort!

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