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The Ergonomic Lumbar Pillow

Enjoy longer sitting comfort with our ergonomic lumbar pillow. Specially designed by ergonomic specialists, our lumbar pillow improves your sitting posture and provides effective back pressure relief, allowing you to sit comfortably without back muscle tightness or back pain. Ideal for office chair, car, bus, and plane seats, and sofas and recliners.

Ergonomic contour with multi-region back support
Specially contoured to fit closely to all regions of your back to help evenly distribute body weight and provide pressure-relieving support for all-day sitting comfort.

Made with Hyperfoam™
Our proprietary extra-dense, dynamically rebounding memory foam contours to your body to help prop up the back, distribute pressure, and provide long-lasting support 

Adjustable chair/luggage strap
Built-in adjustable strap secures the lumbar pillow to most chairs. It also serves as a luggage strap to your carry on luggage for comfortable sitting on the go.

16 L x 16 W x 4 H inches 

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