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    Which Types of Pillows Provide a Proven Stiff Neck Remedy?

    “We see no more pesky morning neck pains in your future if you add this affordable ergonomic pillow into the mix now. (You’re welcome!)” - Essence

    We whole-heartily agree with this major lifestyle magazine. In fact, we don't see anymore pesky neck pains (or a stiff neck) in your future either.

    That said, our Neck Relief Ergonomic Cervical Pillow provides a proven stiff neck remedy.

    Because we know you are so tired of the muscle strain, the neck pain, and your stiff neck. You ask yourself, “is feeling normal too much to ask for?”

    Absolutely not. We believe everyone deserves:

    • To have a full range of motion
    • Good posture while sleeping
    • Health and wellness
    • A life free of pain, soreness, and stiffness

    And you’ve most likely tried everything under the moon to help relieve your stiffness, such as:

    • A heating pad
    • Anti-inflammatory home remedies
    • Neck stretches
    • Fitness
    • Ice packs
    • Heat therapy
    • Good posture
    • A treatment plan
    • Seeing a physical therapist
    • Taking frequent breaks from prolonged sitting
    But none of them provide long-term pain relief. Have you tried any sleep remedies? 

    They say the body heals itself during sleep. And what better way to work on your neck than when your mind is off and muscles relaxed? 

    Of the many corrective sleep strategies, we have found pillows to have a significant positive effect. 

    There are many types of pillows you can use for a stiff neck: 

    All the above offer great neck support and pain relief. But if you’re looking for an all-rounder to: 
    • Provide instant neck relief 
    • Lengthen the neck muscles
    • Keep your neck in proper sleeping positions
    • Help relieve tight and overworked muscles
    We’ve created an ergonomically-designed pillow made of gel-infused rebounding memory foam to do all of the above: The Neck Relief Ergonomic Cervical Pillow. In a nutshell, the Neck Relief Ergonomic Cervical Pillow loosens, alleviates, and promotes healthy neck muscles while you sleep. 

    The result?

    You can return to a normal and pain-free life. You'll be able to perform the daily activities and events that neck stiffness has prevented you from enjoying for far too long.

    Our pillow has delivered relief to many lives. And we can alleviate your life too. In fact, our users no longer wake up with a stiff neck and thank The Cushion Lab for their results.

    You Need to Try Our Pillow — It Will Stretch and Encourage Good Posture That Prevents a Stiff Neck

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    Neck Relief Ergonomic Cervical Pillow

    “I am very happy I ordered this pillow. My neck no longer feels strained while sleeping and when I wake up. Would definitely recommend this pillow to anyone that says they are having neck pain and have a hard time finding a pillow that helps them. Definitely worth the money.” - Ashley W.

    You’re already stiff, uncomfortable, and in pain. And the tightness your neck and the surrounding muscles are experiencing might be due to:

    • Poor posture or poor sleeping posture
    • Sleeping in an abnormal position
    • A pulled muscle
    • Accidents

    And there could be other possible causes for your stiff neck. But no matter the reason for your tight muscles, our pillow can help.


    Well, to start, you will immediately feel relief from laying on the pillow. This is because our pillow cradles your neck and spine while gently keeping your alignment well-adjusted

    As a result, your muscles can relax and loosen up while being supported by ergonomically-designed memory foam.

    So, think about it. 

    If you lay on our neck relief pillow all night (or even just 15-minutes a day), you are allowing and encouraging your muscles to relax and loosen up. 

    It doesn't take a physical therapist to tell. You know this is what your muscles need.

    Yet, our pillow does more than that. In fact, as soon as you lay your head down, it will instantly produce a light stretch on your neck and spine muscles.

    Not only does stretching feel fabulous, but it also combats tight, stiff, and sore muscles.

    In fact, remember the last time you did that intense exercise, hike, or walk? And your muscles were feeling it the next day? 

    Did you stretch? If you did, you found that even though stretching was difficult and uncomfortable at first, you felt much less stiff and way more comfortable. Your body felt entirely different upon finishing.

    If you didn't stretch, chances are your muscles felt stiff for at least a week.

    With that said, if your neck muscles are tight, appropriately stretching them will only provide benefits.

    And when you use our neck relief pillow, you’ll receive that gentle stretch paired with cloud-like support. As a result, it can prevent a stiff neck and you may feel:

    • A bigger range of motion
    • Less discomfort when looking to the side 
    • Less neck strain
    • Decreased neck stiffness
    • Absence of a muscle spasm

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    Neck Relief Ergonomic Cervical Pillow

    Plus, it doesn't matter whether you are a side-sleeper, back-sleeper, and both, this pillow has been designed by us and our in-house ergonomists with both positions in mind. 

    For example, back/side sleepers will benefit from:

    1. A small dip towards the middle of the pillow that accommodates the skull and head
    2. Elevated memory foam for neck support and to provide room for the shoulders
    3. Slightly rounded neck cushioning that encourages the natural arch of the neck 
    4. A gentle neck ramp that keeps the neck from going out of alignment and into abnormal positions
    5. The curve in our elevated neck support allows space for your shoulders to avoid shoulder pain and stiffness

    Furthermore, lets see what the NYPost had to say about us:

    “Back sleepers, side sleepers and those who rotate between the two at night will find solace sleeping on the Neck Relief Ergonomic Cervical Pillow, a design that helps keep your neck completely cushioned. This medium-to-firm pillow cradles both the head and neck in a way that mimics the body’s natural curve, which ultimately relieves pressure.” - NYPost

    But let’s talk about our Neck Relief Ergonomic Cervical Pillow from the customers point of view and their many 5-star reviews.

    “I waited to write this review until after a few weeks passed just to make sure that the pillow actually made a difference in my sleep comfort, and I can honestly say this pillow alone has erased ALL of my neck pain! Even though I have a memory foam bed, because of my broad shoulders I always woke up with a stiff neck. No longer! Get this pillow and if you don't like the indented side pointed toward your shoulders, you can rotate it 180 degrees (not flip it over), and the part that protrudes can point toward your shoulders (the protruded part will fit under your neck when you lay down on your back or side). I also got one of these for my wife and she is loving it too. I can't recommend it enough!” - Douglas P

    I have a habit of sleeping on my back, although my wife has told me that she has seen me on my sides a lot. I usually wake up with some minor neck pain with a major one once in a while. My wife found this for me one day during her daily "browsing" and convinced me to give it a try.

    Wow, I glad that I did! This pillow is great, and after a week of using this pillow, it has rid me of my neck and shoulder stiffness, what a relief. The neck wedge really worked out some deeper strain I had in my neck and realigned my neck and shoulders. I also enjoy having higher sides so my neck is at the right height when I turn to my sides, unlike my old contour pillow that only has one height. It did take a day or so for me to get used to the pillow before it fitted like an old glove.

    I highly recommend you to give this pillow a try if you have neck problems. - Patrick.S 

    Our Neck Relief Pillow Is Your Best Bet to Remedy and Prevent a Stiff Neck

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    Neck Relief Ergonomic Cervical Pillow

    So, are you ready to finally wake up and live your day without:

    • Pain
    • Neck stiffness
    • Soreness
    • Muscle spasms

    We know your answer is yes. And we urge you to visit The Cushion Lab today and get yourself a Neck Relief Ergonomic Cervical Pillow.

    Because this is the answer you’ve been looking for. And you deserve relief

    Want to learn about how we support and give back to our community? Come on over to The Cushion and click on our about section.

    “I used to wake with terrible neck pain from staring at a computer and phone all day and then sleeping on a flimsy, feather-filled pillow. I’ve tried bamboo pillows (firm but not shaped for my neck) and posture-correcting pillows (better but overly bulky, so I found myself waking throughout the night to readjust). I got a chance to try this medium-firm ergonomic memory-foam pillow infused with cooling gel from Cushion Lab, and I’m in love.

    I’m a side and back sleeper (formerly stomach, but that was doing nothing for my neck), and this pillow is wonderful for both positions. It’s designed with my issues in mind: A concave area in the middle of the pillow conforms to and cradles my head, neck, and shoulders, and there’s a raised area that fits perfectly beneath my skull for when I sleep on my side. I look forward to using this pillow every night because I no longer toss and turn trying to find the right spot, and my neck feels better too.” - Self (an American online magazine with over 5 million readers)

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