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    Black Lumbar Pillow: How to Subtly Improve Posture at the Office

    We know how it goes…

    You told yourself last night that today would be different and you swore you’d practice proper posture techniques. For example, you told yourself you’d:

    • Sit up straighter
    • Relax your shoulders
    • Avoid slouching at all costs

    But it’s 12:00pm and you’ve only been at work for three hours. Your back is already killing you and you’re doing everything in your power to keep yourself from hunching over.

    However, by 1:30pm, you’ve given up and resumed your usual slouching position.

    We all know that slouching isn’t good for us. In fact, adults have been telling us to sit up straight since we were kids.

    Well, they weren't wrong.

    Admittedly, to break the habit and stop slouching is easier said than done. If it were easy, our population wouldn’t have such mediocre posture and slouching habits.

    With that said, our black lumbar pillow from The Cushion Lab can subtly improve your posture at the office. Plus, it has easy product care and made with the earth-friendly material polyester.

    In fact, it will support your back, restore your spine to its natural alignment, and strengthen healthier posture habits while looking great in your office chair, living room sofa, and a variety of styles.

    All you have to do is:

    • Secure the pillow where you’d like it (trust us, it won’t move unless you want it to)
    • Sit down and lean back 
    • Revel in your straight spine and unhunched back

    Here is what Real Simple had to say about our pillow:

    “If you have an achy-breaky back, plop this memory foam cushion onto a chair, sofa, or driver’s seat and feel the contours support your spine."

    So, what does correct sitting posture even look like?

    What Does Correct Sitting Posture Look Like?

    cover material with polyfill closure and material polyester with zipper insert
    Source: Flickr

    In a time where everyone seems to slouch, it's hard to remember an example of decent posture. And it's no wonder why lower back pain is prevalent in the world today.

    In fact, most adults admit to experiencing lower back pain at certain times throughout their life. While some say they experience chronic lower back pain.

    So, what does proper sitting posture look like and how can we incorporate it into our office life?

    According to Mayo Clinic, these are the top tips for suitable sitting posture to prevent back pain and encourage healthy alignment:

    • Have your feet placed flat on the floor, or a foot rest, with your thighs parallel to your hips
    • Avoid crossing the knees or ankles
    • Allow a small gap in the area between the backs of your knees and the front of your seat
    • Tuck your chin slightly and stretch the top of your head towards the ceiling
    • Encourage your neck and upper back to maintain a comfortable, yet straight, alignment
    • Make sure your shoulders are relaxed. Not elevated, pulled backwards, or pulled forward
    • Support the natural curve of your back with a back pillow

    Not so intimidating, right? In fact, it seems encouraging good posture isn’t so hard after all.

    And while all these tips are useful, we believe the most important tip you can implement today, is supporting the natural curve of your lower back with the correct pillow type such as our Back Relief Pillow.

    Forget Spending Hundreds of Dollars on an Ergonomically Designed Chair

    Back Relief Lumbar Pillow
    Back Relief Lumbar Pillow

    Why do we believe supporting your lower back with our pillow is critical? Because in most cases, people who experience lower back pain also slouch.

    In fact, slouching (especially in an office chair) can cause an unnatural bend in the lower spine, or lumbar region.

    The result of prolonged sitting without lower back support to encourage good posture can cause various problems in our health such as:

    • Core, back, and abdominal muscles can become stressed out and painful 
    • Reduced blood supply to the core, back, and abdominals
    • Weakness and rigidness in the trunk and lower back
    • The abnormal bend in the lower spine places a tremendous amount of pressure on the lower spinal discs — possibly causing herniation.

    In a nutshell, you need to support your lower back/lumbar area to maintain decent posture and abundant health without buying pillows made of polyfill, polyester fill material, or a fill insert.

    So, what are your options?

    Well, there are a few ways to support your lumbar region. For example, you can:

    • Invest in an expensive (and sometimes not worth it) ergonomically-designed chair
    • Find an affordable and ergonomically-designed back relief pillow
    • Use an extra towel, throw pillow, or blanket you have on hand

    However, not all these options are necessarily the best option.

    While fancy and expensive ergonomically-designed office chairs seem like an okay idea in your fantasy, they aren't very practical for your real life. For example, these chairs:

    • Can not be easily transported (if they can be transported at all)
    • Cost an upward of $800
    • Might not live up to the comfort and back support claim

    Plus, using a towel, throw pillow, or blanket might provide relief and support for a few moments but the cons outweigh the pros.

    Basically, you’ll have to reposition every time you get up and once per hour is suggested.

    Can you imagine how annoying constantly putting your pillow back into the correct place would be? And you know you’ll never quite get it back to that perfect spot.

    Plus, putting a towel, throw pillow, or blanket at your lower back region might not even provide back support. In fact, lower back pillows need to be specifically designed.

    Actually, lower back pillows must allow contouring of the spine along with a lift at the mid back.

    With that said, the best option for lower back support is our Back Relief Pillow from The Cushion Lab. Plus, it looks great as an accent pillow for your living space.

    You Save Money and Inconveniences When You Invest in Our Pillow.  What’s More? It’s Covered With Super Soft Cover Material

    cover material with polyfill closure and material polyester with zipper insert
    Back Relief Lumbar Pillow

    Unlike an ergonomic office chair, our pillow is very affordable without lacking a high-quality experience for our customers.

    In fact, our pillow’s cover material is made without cotton fill material. Instead, its made from the material polyester while proprietary (we are the manufacturers) and rebounding memory foam is the base.

    And our in-house ergonomists have designed this pillow specifically to support the lower back and encourage a more upright posture with soft cover material and zipper closure

    Plus, you can bring this pillow anywhere. With our portable and lightweight pillow, practising strong sitting posture isn't confined to just your office chair.

    And how does our pillow compare to your blanket, random pillow, or towel?

    Well, let's just say that with our Back Relief Pillow, there will be no more constant adjustments and you won't have to stop what you're doing in order to fix your “pillow”.

    And best of all? When you get out of your chair, our pillow will be the perfect place —  right where you left it.

    But in addition to all that, the pillow cover and cover material on our pillow is extremely soft and even contains a zipper closure.

    Plus, our cover material and product care is easy because it’s removable, machine-washable (no need to line dry or pay for dry cleaning), and includes a zipper insert.

    What if you want to go all out and seriously revamp your posture at the office (or anywhere)?

    With Our Black Lumbar Pillow and Cushion Seat Combo, You’ll Have the Complete Ergonomic Set-Up With Velvety Cover Material

    product care includes cover material, throw pillows, sewn seam insert, and material polyester with zipper insert
    Back Relief Lumbar Pillow

    Just like our back pillow, our Pressure Relief Seat Cushion is a valuable asset for comfort and proper spinal alignment.

    And it is made of our extra-dense proprietary and rebounding memory foam as well and doesn’t include cotton fill material or wool fill material either.

    As a matter of fact, our seat cushion delivers plenty of its own benefits such as:

    • Relieving the pressure off your hips, bottom, and tailbone
    • Keeps your posture upright
    • Naturally comforts around the legs and thighs
    • Provides a silky-smooth cover material
    • Looks fabulous as accent pillows

    So, if you buy the seat cushion along with the back relief pillow, you’ll have your very own ergonomic chair that actually works — without paying $800 or more.

    And what's more? You can bring these anywhere — turning any ol’ chair into a posture and comfort-enhancing chair.

    Our Black Lumbar Pillows Will Casually Encourage Improved Posture At the Office While Enhancing Your Decor Space

    product care includes cover material, throw pillows, and material polyester with zipper insert
    Back Relief Lumbar Pillow

    Whether you decide to invest in both our back relief pillow and seat cushion or just one, your chair at the office will never be the same again.

    In fact, you'll be kicking yourself for not getting one sooner. Oh, how the workdays could’ve been a picnic in the park!

    Nonetheless, it is always better now than never. Especially because poor posture and lower back pain are prevalent among those who sit in office chairs (or any chair) for multiple hours a day.

    In other words, invest in your health and wellness now with our Back Relief Pillow and Pressure Relief Seat Cushion. Your lower back (heck, your whole body) will thank you.

    Interested in more information about The Cushion Lab, what we stand for, and what we offer? We encourage you to visit our website and blog.