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    Like most of us, you spend 6–8 hours seated at home, school, or work. At the end of your day, you retire to bed complaining that you’re worn out, and your back hurts. 

    Then you wake up the following day to repeat the same routine. 

    It doesn’t have to be like this. You’re probably not going to switch to a job that involves less sitting, so how about a small but effective solution: Something to protect your back? 

    If you sit for long periods, a seat cushion is a great way to protect your lower back and maintain the correct posture. 

    u shape and 3.5 inches carrying handle
    Pressure Relief Seat Cushion

    And it’s not just any seat cushion; it needs to be a large seat cushion. Here’s why:

    Pressure Relief Seat Cushion

    These minor tweaks to your hygiene could help reduce health-related work losses and ultimately improve the company's bottom line. 

    Improved Blood Flow to Your Lower Body

    Everywhere you go, whether work, home, or school, you’ll end up sitting for hours. That’s several hours of poor blood circulation to your lower body and back to your heart. 

    Since you’re seated all day, your heart activity and blood circulation slows down, thanks to the reduced demand on your circulation system. 

    Reduced blood flow to your brain leads to feeling sluggish, a foggy brain, and a general feeling of malaise—all the things you don’t want when you need to tackle a big project at work. 

    And the pressure on your backside only makes the situation worse. 

    Reduced blood circulation to the muscles could be the reason your legs feel numb and your body more fatigued. Sometimes it even leads to varicose veins. 

    Yes, sitting at your desk all day sounds the way to get things done, but it could be the reason your legs are swollen, or you’re susceptible to high blood pressure, obesity, etc. 

    These things not only take away from your productivity, they also lead to a loss of huge chunks of time at the doctors. 

    Simply standing up won’t make it that much easier on your body. The solution is to find the sweet spot. Sit for about an hour or so, then walk around for several minutes. Repeat the same cycle until your shift is complete. 

    poor sitting position
    Source: Unsplash

    Increasing blood flow can help sharpen your awareness and make you work better. 

    According to the American Council on Exercise, stimulation of your brain through increased blood flow triggers a protein called BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor). 

    This protein has been referred to as a fertilizer for your brain, boosting your cognitive abilities and thus, your work. 

    However, short walks won’t solve the issue of reduced blood circulation while seated. That’s where a seat cushion comes in. 

    Place the cushion in place and enjoy sitting for long periods without reducing your blood circulation. 

    The cushion will also reduce the pain you feel after sitting for hours in the same spot. It’s also large enough that you’ll have enough room to wiggle around and ensure that you sit comfortably. 

    Note: A seat cushion is great and all, but it isn’t the end. You’ll also need to walk around every hour or so, stretch, exercise to improve your blood flow. Use the pillow to maximise blood—and brain—flow. 

    Large Seat Cushions Can Relieve Lower Back Pain

    A study was conducted in 2018 on the effect of cushioning on lower back pain in long-haul drivers. The study enrolled 80 subjects who were divided into two groups; the gel seat cushion group and the polyurethane foam seat cushion group. 

    The study concluded that gel seat cushions were more effective at relieving pain than polyurethane foam cushions. 

    Purple double and chair
    Pressure Relief Seat Cushion

    This goes to show that seat cushions matter regardless of whether they’re made of gel or polyurethane. Whichever you choose, you’re guaranteed to get better lumbar support than without one. 

    If you ever had to sit for extended periods with a nagging back, you understand how it can ruin your day. 

    The consequences of sitting in the wrong position not only affect your performance, but also your health and wellbeing. 

    On the other hand, being comfortable means you can go longer hours, and focus on the task at hand without being distracted by an aching back. 

    Some people use pillows to support their backs, but it offers little to no relief as the average sleeping or seat pillows are not designed to offer lumbar support. 

    Instead, what you need is a lumbar support pillow for temporary relief. You can try our pressure relief ergonomic seat cushions that contour to the shape of your body. These memory foam pillows are ergonomically designed to alleviate the pressure off your tailbone while seated on hard surfaces. 

    Money back guarantee and carry handle
    Pressure Relief Seat Cushion

    Each cushion measures 18W x 15.5L x 4H inches and is best paired with a lumbar relief pillow for extreme comfort. Other features include a non-skid bottom that prevents the cushion from sliding to ensure that you enjoy sitting comfortably.  

    This pillow is the back relief you need, as seen from Barbra P’s customer review.  

    “I have a bad lower back due to car accidents (not my fault🥺) and have 2 cushions from the back store. They help but these cushions, I purchased both seat and back, are really wonderful!. Such relief! Just buy it, as you will not be disappointed.” 

    Having one of these pillows on your office chair can help relieve pressure points and improve your productivity. 

    It’s Portable 

    Maybe you’ve invested in an ergonomic chair for your home office. It’s great, you get the extra support to keep you in the right posture and avoid pain after those long hours. 

    But let’s face it, no matter how good your chair is, you’d appreciate a change every now and then. 

    Those who work from home especially understand the restlessness that comes with being in the same place all day. 

    You might want to switch it up and work out of your office. Maybe on your porch on a beautiful day, or in the living room when you have to watch over your kids as you work. You may even want to spend your afternoon working in a coffee shop. 

    One of the best things about a lumbar seat cushion is that you can put them on any seat. So if you think a change of scenery will get your creative juices flowing or help your focus, you can just pick up and go. 

    Do You Need a Seat Cushion for Your Office Chair? 

    Yes, you do. 

    Think about the number of times you’ve gone home with an aching back, leg pain, etc—just because your chair is uncomfortable. 

    Do you see why you should consider investing in seat cushions? 

    For starters, having a foam cushion will ensure that you enjoy the comfort in your work chair. It will also improve your posture and reduce health problems typically associated with long periods of sitting. 

    Lastly, you can say goodbye to pain in your hip bones and back pain due to poor lumbar support.

    You can enjoy all these benefits and more with our Ergonomic seat cushions. 

    Get yourself our lumbar relief pillow today and kick those pesky aches goodbye!  

    Featured Image: Freepik