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    Large vs Small Lumbar Pillows: Why Size is Significant

    Lumbar pillows take their name from the fact that they are made to offer support to the user’s back. They can be used in your bed, in your living room (to add style and visual interest, a la throw pillow), on an airplane, in your office seat—anywhere your back might need it.

    People with special orthopedic needs (older men and women with recurrent back pains, white-collar staff who work long hours at a desk, etc.) usually find a lot of utility in ergonomic pillows of this sort. 

    In a bed set, they’re typically used as the main centerpiece, the foremost pillow in the set, and they come in many sizes. The standard lumbar pillow measures 14 in. by 22 in., but larger ones can have lengths of up to 60 inches.

    Given that the main market for lumbar pillows is people who are conscious about their osteopathic health, it is vital that you choose the appropriate-sized lumbar pillow for you. 

    Now, there’s a whole lot of benchmarks against which to check your preferred size. Let’s take a deeper look into some of them, shall we?

    Large or Small? — Things to Think About Before Deciding

    Back Relief Lumbar Pillow
    Back Relief Lumbar Pillow

    Lumbar Pillow Fill/Cover Material Type

    Most fabrics and fill materials can be adopted in the manufacture of your lumbar pillow. That said, there is a propensity within manufacturers to go for memory foam fill.

    In all its forms, a memory foam pillow is an excellent choice for those looking for something that conforms easily to the neck’s curvature. Other materials that might be infused into your lumbar pillow include: 

    • Buckwheat — filled with fully natural shells extracted from buckwheat kernels
    • Latex — these are extracted from rubber, upon which it’s turned into a fluffy, retractable material which is then used to fill the pillow
    • Down — This type of pillow has fixed within it all the feather fill in the pillow’s center core. The “down” is the outer core surrounding the feather fill, extracted from the front chest area of ducks, swans, and geese

    All factors considered, Cushion Lab says: 

    • Go LARGE. A large lumbar pillow, on average, works better, especially with softer types of fill (down pillows) which spread more uniformly around the back.

    Firmness & Softness

    Most pillow enthusiasts lie on either side of the soft-hard divide. Most people prefer a softer pillow, but there exists, too, a very vocal minority that prefers hard pillows.

    Hard. Soft. Firm. Plush. At the end of the day, we’re all looking for a durably comfortable pillow.

    Whether your preferred brand of the lumbar pillow is soft, filled with down fill, or intensely firm, filled with duck feathering—the perfect size for you depends on what is ultimately relaxing for you in the long term. 

    Cushion Lab says: 

    • Go LARGE. Overstuffing can turn a pillow tough, whereas less filling can feel uncomfortable, as it will not be able to support your head properly.

    Purpose/Special Needs

    Orthopedic pillows are designed to help relieve pain in your neck, shoulders, back and maintain healthy alignment of your spinal column. They come in various sizes to accommodate different intensities of strains and pains, and are useful for those looking to alleviate snoring, acid reflux, and sleep apnea.  

    Euro pillows, on the other hand, are larger pillows that are square and that measure 26 in. by 26 in. They tend to work just as well for lumbar support as they do for neck and head pillows. 

    Boudoir pillows span 12 in. by 16 in. and are typically used as decorative ornaments. They are rectangular, and while usually part of a set, they are excellent options for lower back support while sleeping or while seated in an office chair. 

    Finally, throw pillows. While being the quintessential aesthetic additive to your living space, a good throw pillow can also be an excellent orthopedic option for those looking for a good lumbar pillow for sleeping or sitting.

    Cushion Lab says: 

    •  When it comes to your personal orthopedic needs, you will need to reflect adequately to determine exactly what pillow size is right for you. 

    Lumbar Pillow Loft/Height

    Your lumbar pillow’s height (AKA its loft) is the cross-sectional length of your pillow while flat at rest. Oftentimes pillow seekers erroneously assume that a pillow’s loft directly influences its softness (and firmness).

    On the contrary, your pillow’s softness, just like its loft, is more readily influenced by the sort of fill material used. 

    Cushion Lab says: 

    • Go SMALL. A smaller lumbar pillow is, on average, less lofty than a larger pillow and generally works well for someone looking for something that won’t stretch their back’s curvature too much for comfort.

    Other Available Lumbar Pillow Sizes

    Back Relief Lumbar Pillow
    Back Relief Lumbar Pillow

    Queen Pillow Sizing 

    The normal queen-sized pillow, lumbar or otherwise, is 20 in. by 30 in., though there might be a bit of variation in dimension. Queen-sized pillows typically fit well in a standard pillowcase, can be used with a twin, and work well for people who sleep restlessly. 

    King Pillow Sizing

    The standard king-sized pillow is 20 in. by 36 in. with some slight variation depending on brands. These larger-sized pillows are an excellent option for sleepers who tend to toss and turn in bed. 

    They are also really good size options for those who need back support while reading in bed or binge-watching. The extra length ensures that the pillow can accommodate long periods of pressure exertion while maintaining decent lumbar support.

    Body Pillow Sizing

    A body pillow’s average size is 20 in. by 54 in. and works perfectly for side sleepers and back sleepers alike. 

    These pillows are designed to fit the shape of your body, providing appropriate support when sleeping on your side. Pregnant women are well-advised to use body pillows under their backs during sleep. 

    RECOMMENDATION: Back Relief Lumbar Pillow

    Back Relief Lumbar Pillow
    Back Relief Lumbar Pillow

    Behold—our top pick for a comfortable and durable lumbar pillow fit for everyone. 

    Imagine sitting all day on any chair without back pain. Instant relief. 

    With a patented shape developed by in-house ergonomists, the Back Relief Lumbar Pillow is scientifically designed to relieve back pressure and improve sitting posture on any chair, sofa, recliner, or car seat. 

    It contours naturally against the back to provide effective lumbar support for all-day back comfort.

    • Office or working from home

    Instantly add satisfying lumbar support to any chair and enjoy improved comfort and enhanced productivity.

    • Relaxing or TV watching

    Enjoy soothing lower back relief whether you are sitting on the sofa, recliner, or reading in bed.

    • Always supportive 

    Extra dense memory foam provides excellent support even against soft backings like beds and pillows.

    • Adjustable secure strap 

    The gel-lined adjustable strap accommodates any chair back and grips tightly to prevent sliding.

    Other features: 

    1. Branched ergonomic spine crevice 
    2. Extended upper-mid back cushion zipper 
    3. Bolstered lower back support 
    4. Contoured "S" curve relief 
    5. Advanced design with multi-region back support 
    6. 2-day shipping

    The Cushion Lab’s Got Your Back

    Back Relief Lumbar Pillow
    Back Relief Lumbar Pillow

    Regardless of whether you spend a huge chunk of your day sitting at your workstation, on your couch watching TV, or on a long commute, you must ensure appropriate spinalalignment. 

    A good lumbar pillow provides not only comfort to your position, but it is also breathable and maintains its stock density for the long haul.

    At The Cushion Lab, we believe that by offering comfort-inducing products that are designed to be both human-centered and earth-friendly, we help spread positivity and productivity—not only empowering people to do greater things, but also inspiring them to leave a better future for our children.