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    Setting up a Home Office

    Working from home has its perks.

    Aside from being able to work in pajamas, a home office helps in:
    • Increasing your productivity.
    • Boosting job satisfaction.
    • Decreasing stress levels.
    • Saving on commuting costs.

    It’s the best of both worlds.

    Yet, recent research studies link poor home office setups with long-term health effects. 

    Doctors say that:

    “Work stations can cause problems with extended use if not designed properly. Often this is due to poor body alignment which can result in aches, pains, and strain.”

    Dr. Eric K. Holder

    what causes low back pain
    Source: thepainreliefpractice.com

    So, how can you maintain a healthy lifestyle while working from home?

    The solution is simple — you should learn how to ergonomically set up your home office.

    The Cushion Lab is here to help you every step of the way. Our guide to setting up the perfect home office will kickstart your wellness journey. 

    The perfect home office should keep your mind, body, and soul at peace. That’s why we’re here.

    Read on to begin enhancing your home office’s comfort, positivity, and productivity. 

    Why You Need a Home Office Setup

    When you’re working from home, it’s tempting to view any area as a potential workspace. While this is true, you need to pay special attention to your body. 

    Research shows that eye, back, and neck strain is common when working from home. This happens through hunching your back and poor seat or desk design. Eventually, this may lead to long-term health effects.

    The best way to set up your home office is through using ergonomics

    Ergonomics uses science to inform workspace designs to increase comfort, productivity, and efficiency. Ergonomic home offices help to:

    • Prevent musculoskeletal disorders, like carpal tunnel syndrome.
    • Protect you from lower back injuries.
    • Reduce muscle fatigue.
    • Improve blood circulation and joint movement.

    A global study found that:

     “People who have access to the right furniture and work tools, are significantly more engaged, more productive, and feel they have the resources they need to do their work.”

    In this guide, we use our ergonomics expertise to ensure you set up the home office of your dreams.   

    The best part is you don’t need to buy new furniture at all. You can transform your readily available space and furniture without breaking a sweat.

    After trying out our tips, you will be able to:

    • Save money on buying ergonomic furniture.
    • Have better sitting and standing posture. 
    • Reduce eye strain.
    • Be more productive.

    Setting up Your Home Office Space

    To set up a home office, you need to consider what your needs are. Ask yourself questions like:

    • How many hours a day will I work?
    • Does my work involve more sitting or standing?
    • Will I use a computer most of the time?

    No matter what your needs are, you won’t need to buy any fancy furniture. Simply gather what you can find according to your needs, then follow the steps below.

    Step #1: Find a Home Office Space Location

    Your work environment will contribute to your ability to concentrate. The location you decide on should have the following qualities:

    Good Light and Ventilation

    Consider an area in your home with enough natural light, ventilation, and wall space for you. Together, these factors lead to better decision-making and improved health.

    Open up a window to allow natural light and fresh air into the room. This can also allow you to enjoy a nice view as you work. 

    Face your desk to the window — this will reduce any glare while working on your laptop and help to prevent eye strain as well as light-related headaches.

    To enhance the light quality, choose a room with bright colors that reflect natural light.


    If you need silence in order to concentrate, then your workspace should be in a secluded area or guest room. This will also allow you to reduce background noise and visual distractions during any online meetings.

    Another option is working in the dining area if you live in a shared space. For you to be successful with this, you need to choose a suitable office layout.

    Enough Office Space

    You can transform any area in your home into the perfect workspace, but, to do so, it should have enough room for a suitable layout. 

    The two main categories of layouts are:

    • Compact Offices

    This is a spare room where you can set up your equipment in a dedicated space.

    • Enhanced Spaces

    You can transform common home areas into your workspace. For example, a dining room or living room.

    You can also look at design inspiration pictures to get creative ideas.

    Step #2: Choose a Comfortable Chair

    Office chairs play a major role in contributing to our productivity and comfortability.

    You need an ergonomic seat to prevent your neck and back from straining.

    When you’re at home any seat will do, including a kitchen or dining table chair. But, you should ensure that:

    • The seat has enough padding and back support.
    • Your arms and wrists are at a neutral position when using your computer.
    • You can look at your computer without hunching your back.
    • Your feet stay flat on the ground without dangling.

    desk chair
    Source: commons.wikimedia.org

    You can achieve this by using our pressure relief seat cushion. Simply place it on your seat to take the pressure off your hips and thighs.

    Pressure Relief Seat Cushion
    Pressure Relief Seat Cushion

    Investing in a seat cushion is helpful for you in the following ways.

    Improves Sitting Posture

    Its extra-dense charcoal memory foam provides cloud-like comfort. With it, you will enjoy total sitting comfort all day or night.

    All-day support and cool sitting
    Back Relief Lumbar Pillow

    Can Be Used on Any Seat

    Imagine sitting all day on any seat in total comfort. Our pressure relief seat cushion helps turn this dream into reality. 

    With a scientific design made by our ergonomic artists, its split design evenly distributes body weight to relax your hip muscles.

    Pressure Relief Seat Cushion
    Pressure Relief Seat Cushion

    It’s Portable 

    You can carry it around to use on any seat — even your couch or kitchen chairs. The grippy bottom secures it in place while also allowing it to be removed within seconds.

    There’s no such thing as too much comfort, and the Daily Beast’s reviews confirm this:

    “Now, these cushions mean I can go an entire day sitting at my desk without feeling like I’m going to regret it when I stand up. Now, the kitchen chair is the best seat in the house.”

    Anyone can use our pressure relief seat cushion. Take our customer’s word for it:

    customer positive product review

    Step #3: Include a Comfortable Desk 

    You will need a working space to use as a typing or writing surface.

    Again, you don’t need to buy an office desk. Any table at home will do, including a kitchen table.

    Your work desks should have certain qualities that will save your neck and back from aches. 

    An ideal writing surface or work desk should:

    • Keep your elbows at a 90-degree angle while writing or typing.
    • Not have a very hard surface, in order to protect your wrists. 

    Your office seat and desk should jointly help you maintain good posture all day. 

    However, it can be strenuous having to mind your sitting posture for 24 hours. To offset this burden, we recommend using our back relief lumbar pillow

    The lumbar pillow enhances all-round body wellness and comfort, by:

    Providing Multi-Region Support

    The padding on the upper back of the lumbar pillow ensures support as you lean back in your seat, helping your spine to maintain its natural s-curve — key to a good upright posture. 

    Helping You Sit Upright at Your Desk

    You can flip the lumbar pillow around 180 degrees. Doing so places the bolster on your mid-back to help you sit upright and relieve any lower back pain.

    All you need to do is secure the lumbar pillow straps to your seat and you’re good to go.

    Back Relief Lumbar Pillow
    The Cushion Lab

    We recommend pairing our seat cushion with the lumbar pillow for all-around comfort. It’s one of the best decisions you will ever make, and here’s why:

    “I bought the seat cushion and lumbar pillow, and I am SO glad that I did, I seriously think my home chair is more comfortable than my office chair for a fraction of the price. These pillows are a Godsend!”

    Joyce T.

    Back Relief Lumbar Pillow
    Back Relief Lumbar Pillow

    If you have constant neck aches, then you should also use our neck relief pillow while taking a break. 

    Its ramp gently stretches neck muscles to loosen them up and give relief after lying on it for 15 to 20 minutes. 

    Neck Relief Ergonomic Cervical Pillow
    Neck Relief Ergonomic Cervical Pillow

    Neck Relief Ergonomic Cervical Pillow
    Neck Relief Ergonomic Cervical Pillow

    You can even have a standing desk if you prefer — it elevates your laptop to eye level to alleviate any back discomfort from sitting at a desk. 

    Tip: Standing desks can be replaced by everyday items like a table in the dining area or even a treadmill. 

    Check this out:

    work standing desk
    Source: Flickr

    Step #4: Add Support Tools to Your Home Office 

    There are other home office supplies that play a key role in our everyday lives. These include:

    • Wi-fi
    • Filing cabinets
    • A cell phone connection
    • Bookshelves
    • Stationery

    You need to assess your needs and include these items in your workspace accordingly.

    Now that you have these tips, there’s no stopping you. And this is just the first step.

    You can take your home workspace comfortability to the next level.

    Maximize Your Comfort With an Ergonomic Seat Cushion

    Are you ready to step it up and maximize your comfort? 

    The Cushion Lab is ready to help you lead a healthier lifestyle while working from home. 

    It’s time to give your workspace a makeover with our ergonomic seat cushion that will turn any ordinary seat into your own personal throne.

    Pressure Relief Seat Cushion
    Pressure Relief Seat Cushion

    Question: What’s So Special About Our Ergonomic Seat Cushion?

    Our seat cushion designs aim to enhance your comfort and sustain our planet. We purposefully select our materials to contribute to a sustainable future.

    Our cooling, high-density Hyperfoam never flattens to give you comfort all day.

    According to Vogue, we hold the key to a healthier office. Our customers agree, too:

    “I got my seat cushion tonight and it’s incredible! Between the seat cushion and my back cushion, my body is beyond grateful. Thanks for making these products! I’m so happy I purchased them!”


    Visit The Cushion Lab and begin your journey to wellness today.

    Featured Image: Unsplash by Nicole Wolf