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    Back Support: 4 Benefits of Using a Memory Foam Back Pillow

    Your back is among the hardest working parts of your body. It supports a significant portion of your weight and enables a wide range of movements while protecting your vital organs. 

    And for this, you need the best supportive and comfort-inducing tools to keep it in optimal condition.

    One of these tools is a memory foam back pillow.

    We are specific on memory foam material due to its visco-elasticity.

    Memory foam softens in response to your body heat and weight, and contours to the shape of your back. This means every part of your back remains as it should be — in its natural position and form.  

    This feature makes a memory foam pillow beneficial in several ways.

    Back Relief Lumbar Pillow
    Back Relief Lumbar Pillow

    1. Better Posture and Spine Alignment

    Slouching not only makes you look sloppy but can significantly affect the health and strength of your back.

    There are tons of benefits that come with having a good posture:

    • Sitting upright gives your lungs more space to expand. This means better respiratory muscle strength and lung capacity.
    • Better core strength. Good posture keeps your core and upper back muscles active.
    • Optimal digestion. An upright posture means there will be less compression in your internal organs. This ensures a free and active gastrointestinal system.

    In addition, proper posture keeps your spine in a neutral position.

    Your spine is in a neutral position if it maintains its S-shape, with all three curves — the cervical curve, lumbar curve, and thoracic curve — in the right shape. 

    At this optimal position, your spine can function under the least amount of strain. Additionally, this position can help reduce the risk of spine damage to a great extent.

    Maintaining these three curves:

    • Eases the forces of gravity acting on the discs and vertebrae of your spine.
    • Keeps the vertebrae properly lined up. This makes your spine resilient to outside forces, such as twisting.

    Slouching is a habit that can be hard to break. But seat cushions make it easier to maintain the natural curves of your spine.

    A back support cushion will support your posture by propping up your back. The memory foam will conform to the natural curve of your spine, keeping it properly aligned.

    2. It Will Provide Lumbar Support

    Most of us spend more time sitting than we spend moving or standing. And as much as you want to get off your chair, work obligations and other health problems can make it impossible.

    Sadly, over half a billion people worldwide have lower back pain. And sitting for long periods without lumbar support can trigger or make existing lower back pain worse. 

    This is due to the pressure and stress applied to the back muscles and spinal discs.

    Sciatica, for instance, can get worse with prolonged sitting in an uncomfortable chair.

    Sciatica is pain caused by having too much pressure applied to the sciatic nerve. This nerve runs from the base of your spine to the back of your legs. 

    Sitting unsupported for long hours can increase pressure on this nerve, triggering the pain or aggravating it.

    A memory foam back cushion will gently cradle your back, relieving pressure on the sensitive areas. It will protect your back from the hard surface on the back of your chair.  

    3. Your Chair Will Provide Better Comfort

    If you spend hours sitting in the same position, you are bound to carry a lot of weight on your back muscles. And this could make these muscles stiff and sore.

    You end up slouching, which places your body out of balance and puts more weight on some parts of your back compared to others.

    This uneven distribution of weight can:

    • Hinder blood circulation and cause numbness and tingling in your limbs.
    • Cause your back muscles to overcompensate, leading to shooting pain that radiates up and down your spine.   

    A memory foam back cushion can prevent this problem. 

    By keeping the spine neutral, a memory foam back pillow ensures your weight is distributed evenly and your spinal muscles are active. 

    This ensures that each muscle group shares the load and is used as intended

    The payoff is less stress and strain as your back muscles will not have to work so hard trying to carry the weight they aren’t meant to carry. 

    Keep in mind that even with a back pillow, you need to give your back muscles abreak every thirty to sixty minutes. You can move around and stretch to release muscle fatigue.

    4. The Seat Cushion Will Reduce Tension On Your Back

    Most people do not realize how much tension they carry in their neck and shoulders. Not until it manifests as a tension headache or neck pain and neck tension.

    A common cause of tension headaches and neck problems is poor posture.

    Good posture relating to your neck and head area involves having your ears positioned directly above your shoulders. This position naturally balances the weight of your head on your cervical spine.

    On the contrary, sitting in a poor posture can cause your neck muscles to work extra hard to support your head. 

    You are likely to sit with your head positioned forward, in what is known as aforward head posture (FHP). This builds muscle tension around your head and eventually irritates some of the sensory nerves.

    The pain receptors around your head and neck respond to this irritation, resulting in a pain sensation that begins in your neck and shoulders, and eventually moves to your head.

    In addition to correcting your posture, a memory foam lumbar support pillow will ensure that your neck, shoulders, and upper spine are properly aligned.

    What Is the Best Memory Foam Cushion?

    A functional memory foam back pillow will have three main features:

    1. An Ergonomic Design 

    A back support pillow will be more beneficial if it is ergonomically designed.  

    Our Back Relief Lumbar Pillow is scientifically designed by an in-house team of ergonomists to ensure it provides pressure relief and improves your posture.

    It includes features, such as:

    • Lower bolsters that prop up your back for better posture.
    • A spine crevice to maintain your spine’s natural S-curve.
    • Upper padding to keep you comfortable as you lean back.

    And the best part is that if you need more support in your mid-back and added pressure relief in your lower back, you can get it. Just flip the pillow around.

    Back Relief Lumbar Pillow
    Back Relief Lumbar Pillow

    2. The Right Density

    Memory foam can come in low, medium, or high density. 

    High-density memory foam will provide more body contouring, which means better pain and pressure relief. It will also last longer.

    Our lumbar support pillow comes in extra dense proprietary memory foam. It’s firmer than the average back pillow, which means better back support.

    Gatorgirl Customer Review
    Gatorgirl | Customer Review

    3. Portability and Flexibility

    You want a memory foam back pillow that is small and lightweight. It should be easy to carry to the office or on a carry-on bag.

    Besides being portable, get one that can accommodate any chair.  

    Fixed-length straps will keep a pillow in place, but they will only accommodate one chair size. Adjustable straps — like you will find in our memory foam lumbar support pillow — will help you fit it in any car seat, office chair, recliner, or sofa.

    Back Relief Lumbar Pillow
    Back Relief Lumbar Pillow

    Give Your Back Some Extra Love – Get a Memory Foam Pillow 

    Getting a memory foam back pillow is a rewarding move. 

    It will:

    • Maintain the natural curve of your spine.
    •  Help you maintain proper posture.
    • Provide pain relief.
    • Make sitting for long periods more tolerable.

    Our Back Relief Lumbar Pillow is ergonomically designed with your comfort and health at the core. You only need to make your order. 

    Silly L. Customer Review
    Silly L. | Customer Riview

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