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    Do you feel frustrated and unmotivated at the thought of spending hours on your uncomfortable office chair? Does your back hurt from sitting for long hours with bad posture?   

    That’s about to change. And the best part? It won’t cost an arm and a leg. 

    But, before we can offer a solution to your troubles, we’ll tell you what makes most office chairs so uncomfortable. 

    It has nothing to do with changes in your weight.

    Your office chair will be uncomfortable if:

    • It’s too low.
    • It’s too high.
    • The seat is too deep.
    • It doesn’t support the spine’s normal curvature.
    • It has inadequate seat padding and is made of uncomfortable material.

    Many of us assume that you can only get the comfort you need by investing in high-end ergonomic office chairs.

    However, getting comfortable in your office chair — whether in your workplace or home office — is not all about the chair’s quality.

    It’s about getting the right fit for your body type. Most especially your height

    The right fit will make it easy for you to maintain a proper posture that:

    • Supports your muscles, tendons, and ligaments.
    • Promotes proper blood flow.
    • Keeps your spine from straining.
    • Prevents back and neck pain.

    This means you can get your work done using a cheap desk chair or your regular dining table chair and not break your back in the process. 

    All you need are a few smart modifications and the right accessories to transform the chair into the right fit for your body.

    We will give you five ways to make your office chair more comfortable. These tweaks are cost-effective, and their effect on your posture will be quite dramatic. 

    They are a sure way to make your office chair more supportive and ergonomic.   

    1. Ensure You Have the Right Chair Height 

    With a poorly positioned chair, the discomfort will not be your only worry.

    An office chair that’s too high will have your feet dangling in the air, which can cause you to scoot forward instead of using the support of the backrest. 

    This awkward posture can cause numbness, muscle fatigue, pain, and poor circulation in your thighs.

    When the chair’s height is too low, lower back pain can occur. This is because your hip joints will have to bend at a more extreme angle to keep your knees above your hips.

    The height of your office chair should be such that:

    • You can sit comfortably against the back of the chair.
    • Your feet are flat on the floor.
    • Your knees are the same level as your hips or are slightly lower.

    If this is not the case, adjust the office chair’s height using the levers and knobs at the bottom until your hip joint is at a 90-degree angle.

    If your seat lacks these controls or your legs are longer or shorter than the highest and lowest setting in your chair, here are some simple tricks: 

    • If you’re long-legged, a seat cushion can raise your rear and get your hip joint positioned at the right angle
    • If you’re short-legged, use a footrest to raise your legs and have your hip joint at the recommended 90-degrees. 

    Once you adjust the height of your chair, check that the screen of your monitor or laptop is centered in your direct sightline. Your eye level should be two to three inches below the top of the monitor or laptop screen. 

    This means you don’t have to crane your neck up or down as you get your work done. 

    2. Add a Lumbar Support Pillow to Your Chair

    Back Relief Lumbar Pillow
    Back Relief Lumbar Pillow

    If you’re improvising a dining table chair for your office, don’t forget lumbar support. The lumbar is the region of the spine most people know as the lower back.  

    Lack of lumbar support can lead to back pain, and one way to make your office chair more comfortable for your back is by adding a pillow specifically made for this type of support. 

    A lumbar pillow is portable and made from memory foam. Its ergonomic design provides maximum support to the spine while relieving pressure and pain caused by poor posture.  

    It’s essential to get the right pillow that will provide adequate all-day support.

    But, this doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on an ergonomic designer pillow.

    Our back relief lumbar pillow is a great option designed by in-house ergonomists to provide multi-region back support, relieve tension, and promote proper posture.

    This back relief pillow contours naturally against you, helping to maintain the spine’s natural ‘S’ curve while supporting the lower back. 

    Plus, it’s extended to cushion the upper mid-back and keep you entirely comfortable as you lean on the back of your chair. 

    You’ll love the flexibility of flipping the pillow around for adequate support, based on your sitting position. And, an adjustable strap ensures that the pillow stays firmly in place.

    Marie customer review
    Marie | Customer Review

    3. Add a Seat Cushion to the Chair

    Pressure Relief Seat Cushion
    Pressure Relief Seat Cushion

    If you feel uncomfortable in your desk chair but can’t seem to point out the source of your discomfort, your seat is likely the culprit. 

    Your seat could be too thin, too firm, saggy, or incapable of distributing your weight evenly. This can cause pain and discomfort in the hip and tailbone area after a long day of working at your desk.

    Adding a cushion can make your office chair more comfortable. 

    A well-designed cushion will stabilize your pelvis, relieve pressure in your coccyx area, and alleviate symptoms of sciatica, hip and back pain, and herniated discs.

    A cushion can also boost your height, enabling you to keep your feet flat on the floor and your hips and knees at the recommended right angle.

    We have your comfort needs covered with our ergonomically designed pressure release seat cushion. It can support up to 250 pounds without going flat.

    Like our back relief lumbar pillow, it’s made with proprietary memory foam that is extra dense and thicker than average seat cushions. It conforms naturally to your body for all-day support as you sit on your desk chair. 

    Our in-house ergonomists have incorporated a split design on the back of the seat cushion to relieve the pressure on your tailbone, thighs, and hips. It evenly distributes your weight throughout your lower body, promoting proper posture.

    Silicone webbings on the bottom prevent the cushion from slipping, while the infused charcoal extract fights off odor.

    Pair this cushion with our back relief lumbar pillow, and you’ll have yourself a chair that rivals the plushest ergonomic office chairs out there. 

    Margaret W. customer review
    Margaret W. | Customer Review

    4. Adjust the Armrests 

    The arms make up about 9% of the total body surface area. You want them correctly supported to take the strain off your upper spine and shoulders and prevent slouching towards the desk.

    To start with, the armrests of your chair should be the appropriate height, such that you can comfortably rest your elbows. They should support your lower arm while keeping your upper arm close to your core.

    You should be able to position your wrist in a neutral position so that your wrist doesn’t flex up or down when working on your desk or laptop stand.

    The width of the armrests should have your elbows right under your shoulders, but at the same time, it should be wide enough to allow easy entrance and exit from the chair.

    If the height is too high, you’ll raise your shoulders, which can cause tension in those muscles.

    On the other hand, if the height is too low, contact stress can occur at your forearm or wrist, leading to tendonitis problems. You could also find yourself leaning over to rest one forearm, causing fatigue in your neck, shoulder, and back.

    5. Cushion the Armrests

    Chair swivel office
    Source: Pixabay

    Even with the armrests at the right position, you could still be experiencing discomfort in your arms. And any stiffness caused by resting your weight on the armrest is bound to affect productivity. 

    The discomfort in your seat could be the result of two main situations:

    • When the surface of the armrest is hard or has sharp corners that give you discomfort. Over time, this could cause health problems — especially if you are prone to osteoporosis.      
    • When the armrest is too short to support your entire forearm properly.

    Consider getting elongated armrest pads with thick cushioning, which is something most office chairs lack. They can help you rest your arms comfortably on your seat. 

    Armrest pads can help relieve your pressure points and keep your shoulders relaxed as you work.

    Keep in mind that memory foam is the best material for armrest pads, as it conforms to the shape of the arm without going flat.

    Choose an armrest pad that has a non-slip back and adjustable straps that keep it in place. The surface should be soft with round corners.

    Time to Make Your Chair More Comfortable for Better Posture and a Healthier Back

    With performance targets, tight deadlines, demanding clients, and other job challenges, the last thing you want to be worrying about is your comfort as you work.

    Make your office chair more comfortable today, by:

    • Cushioning your spine, pelvis, neck, and arms.   
    • Ensuring the chair’s height, as well as the armrests’ height and width, is right for you. 

    Get our ergonomically-shaped seat cushion and pair it with our lumbar support pillow. They are an advanced design made by our team of ergonomists to improve your posture and promote healthy back alignment. 

    At The Cushion Lab, not only do we take pride in providing total comfort to our customers using our products, we’re also an eco-friendly company. We advocate for positivity, productivity, and a sustainable future. 

    Make your order today.