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    The alarm just went off for the second time,and you are up! You arerolling out of bed getting ready to tackle the day when you are introduced to a deep pain in your back...ouch! It's the dreaded back pain.

    Besides reading our other entries on how to relieve morning back pain, here are 7 things you must do next:

    1. Icing follow by heat

    One of the best ways to bring down nagging back muscle inflammation is to break out the ice packs. According to Shelly Coffman, PT, of 360° Sports Medicine and Spine Therapy in Portland, Oregon, alternating between ice and gentle heat (heating pad or warm towel) can do wonders to soften the stiff, achy area by promoting blood circulation. Alternate between cold & heat for 10 minutes at a time for each session.

    2. OTC Help

    Try Advil or Motrin in the morning if you are feeling stiff, their anti-inflammatory properties can provide quick relief.
    (Please consult your doctor before doing this)

    3. Maybe it's time for a new bed

    Old saggy mattresses are almost always culprits for back pain. Look for a medium firmness mattress that will allow your 'hard points' sink in, butoffer support for the rest of your bodyyour shoulder and hips should be able to sink in a bit while your spine is fully supported. When looking from the side, yourspine should be very straight–not twisted or bent. Here is the  best sleep position to prevent back pain. And  how to choose a mattress.

    4. Do some simple stretches

    Before getting out of bed, try lying on your back and bending your knees, rock them side to side to stretch and loosen up your spine. Also, do some simple rotation of backward and forward bending on your feet before jumping into the shower to prevent putting stress on cranky discs.

    5. Properly adjust your car seat

    A lengthy commute is part of our daily lives. A Properly adjusted car seat is crucial to relieving your back. Aim for a seat back angle of around 100 degrees. Your seat back should be flushed with your back. Tilt your seat slightly forward to shift your pelvis for better weight distribution. Lastly, move your seat up to prevent leaning forward to grab the steering wheel. Add a lumbar pillow for further comfort.

    6. Optimize the sitting posture at the office

    The key here is to keep your screen at eye level. If you are using a laptop, try elevating it on one of these stands and use wireless keyboard and mouse. This prevents excess strain on your neck that leads to slouching shoulders and bent back.

    Consciously check your posture hourly to establish a habit of good posture. We would also suggest a nice lumbar pillow to bolster back support and a nice seat cushion to upright your spine.
    Our uniquely designed lumbar support can be used with any office chair, car, plane seats, and sofa. It does a great job at improving your sitting posture while providing back pressure relieving support to help you see comfortable through out the day. 

    See our Ergonomic Lumbar Pillow ,
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    7. Wear Comfortable Shoes

    If you are standing up a lot, your shoes are your foundations. Evenly distributed weight down low can release the tension up high. We suggest some over-the-counter orthotic inserts that help align the feet, keeping your foot in a more neutral position through arch support.

    I hope we were able to give you a basis on how to keep back pain away. Please read our other articles on what is the best sleep position to prevent back pain, and what to do when you wake up with back pain.
    Also, Take a look at Tumeric Curcumin Supplements, as one of their main benefits is reduce chronic inflammation such as back or joint pains, read more about it here.
    Please share with a friend or a loved one that is suffering side sleeping back pain to help them find comfort!
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