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    4 Reasons to Buy Grey Lumbar Pillows for Your Home

    Do you ever get up from the couch, office seat, or bed with stiff muscles and pain in your lower back?

    pillow fill material: polyester polyfill
    Source: Freepik

    A relaxing siesta, nightly slumber, or movie session can end in pain. Just when you’re looking to put your body to rest, you realize that your back is resisting.

    There are many reasons for back issues, including:

    • The wrong sitting or sleeping posture
    • Using a mattress or seat that contorts your spine
    • Injuries that cause muscle tears or bone breakage
    • Aging

    The one reason we’ll concentrate on today is the surface that you lay or sit on. If it’s not comfortable for your back, those back issues will prevail.

    So, how do you make a surface friendly for your back?

    Get a grey lumbar pillow from The Cushion Lab

    The grey lumbar pillow makes your sitting, lounging, or sleeping space more comfortable for your back, neck, and the rest of your body. 

    What sets grey lumbar pillows apart from conventional pillows is their special ergonomic design. The pillow’s shape promotes your back health and comfort. 

    lumbar pillow with no polyfill closure or type zipper insert included
    Back Relief Lumbar Pillow

    Grey lumbar pillows are the best for a backrest because they:

    • Have a spine crevice that conforms to your spine’s natural S shape
    • Prop up the upper-mid section of your spine to help avoid slouching
    • Effectively support your lower back to encourage the correct sitting posture 

    Let’s look at the specs of a grey lumbar pillow closely.

    How do Lumbar Pillows Work?

    The grey lumbar pillow has precise contouring segments that target each part of your spine. Altogether, the different sections of this lumbar pillow give you ultimate multi-region back support.

    lumbar pillow with no polyfill closure or closure type zipper insert included
    Back Relief Lumbar Pillow

    Pillow section Function
    1 Gives you a branched ergonomic spine crevice
    2 Cushions the upper-mid back segment of the spine
    3 Enhances lower back support
    4 Naturally contours to your spine, giving it the natural "S" curve

    Why You Should Buy Grey Lumbar Pillows for Your Home

    Grey lumbar pillows are an excellent investment for your home because:

    • The grey color and shape of the pillows blend into your living space
    • They give you excellent back support
    • The grey cover material is eco-friendly and easy to maintain
    • You can carry them with you anywhere

    How the Grey Colour and Shape of the Lumbar Pillows Complement Your Living Space

    The sense of direction when decorating a home originates from the theme colors. As such, the furniture —‌ the couches and other pieces in the house —‌ must have a sequence. 

    For example, decorating couches with throw pillows makes the sitting area more inviting and comfortable.

    So, why not buy an ergonomically-designed lumbar pillow to elevate your living space while giving you excellent back support?

    Whether you’re working with a neutral or colorful theme, the grey lumbar pillows will blend in perfectly. They’ll tie in with the colors of the couch, drapes, walls, floor, tables, or area rugs.

    For instance, grey lumbar pillows match perfectly in a neutral themed room. The neutral colors, in this case, include shades of white, black, brown, beige, and grey. 

    lumbar pillow with no polyfill closure or closure type zipper insert included
    Back Relief Lumbar Pillow

    Adding the grey lumbar pillows in such a space helps to coordinate the room. 

    All the same, if you’ve taken a dramatic turn with pops of color, the grey lumbar pillows will highlight that without outshining it. Such colors include shades of yellow, red, blue, or green. They make the overall look cohesive while still keeping things exciting. 

    A combination of grey and green makes the room lively and spirited —‌ especially if you’ve got a vibrant plant thriving in the corner. If you’re going for a feminine vibe, throw the grey lumbar pillow onto the coral, pink, or rose gold blankets to create a fun yet elegant look.

    This grey lumbar pillow will accentuate the bold colors by creating a subtle contrast.

    grey pillow cover material against bright colors
    Source: Pixabay

    To achieve an effortless look, strategically place the grey lumbar cushion as the neutral piece among bright-colored throw pillows. The best way is to alternate the color sequence with an odd number of pillows, like in the picture above.

    If you’re into mixing patterns (as shown below), the unique ‘W’ shape of this lumbar pillow adds an interesting aspect to the room. It’ll stand out as the odd piece that shows your personality. 

    For instance, consider adding the W-shaped grey lumbar pillow to an arrangement like the one shown below. The striking shape will add an intriguing angle. And that’s a perfect way to decorate with different-style throw pillows.

    different pillow-type shapes, with cover material
    Source: Freepik

    Back Support

    Your back’s health is heavily reliant on good posture. Bad posture leaves you with a painful lower back and tense muscles. And that can result in long-term back pain and discomfort.

    Luckily, a specially designed grey lumbar pillow helps you maintain a good sitting posture and realigns your spine. As a result, you’ll avoid the agony of back pain and discomfort.

    The specialists at The Cushion Lab design their grey lumbar pillows with flexibility. The lumbar pillows contain a dynamic rebounding memory foam that conforms to the shape of your backbone —‌ even if you’re dealing with a distorted spine.

    To that end, sitting for too long can be stressful on your back and the rest of your body — especially if you work from home and sit on a hard surface such as a dining or office chair. The hard sitting surface encourages slouching.

    When you slouch, your lower back bends in the opposite direction of the spine’s natural shape. In turn, bad posture aggravates the back’s soft tissues resulting in muscle stiffness.

    Luckily, the grey lumbar pillow provides you with a back cushion and support by filling the gap between the chair and your lower back. Additionally, the pillow extends to your upper and mid-back to correct sitting posture. 

    That way, your spine keeps the natural S curve all through.

    pillow fill material: polyester polyfill
    Back Relief Lumbar Pillow

    Moreover, a proper posture lengthens your body and enhances your appearance. But breaking the habit of slouching isn’t easy. That’s why you need a grey lumbar support pillow  —‌ because it targets all the regions of your spine. 

    You can also use this grey lumbar pillow if you’re on prescribed home rest. Especially if you recently suffered back injuries or are currently or have recently been pregnant. The pillow helps your back muscles to relax and heal in comfort. 

    “This is exactly what I needed and I am so glad to have bought it! I asked my chiropractor what is the best solution for my sore back at work, he told me to get a lumbar cushion, one that's preferably firmer so it props up my back. So after researching various options, I bought this one. At first, it felt different, since I've never used a lumbar cushion before, it took me a day to get used to it. I noticed that at the end of the 2nd day, I was pain-free, and have been pain-free for a week now. My wife just gave birth to our son and she's been complaining of lingering back pain, so I had her try this, let's just say I am not getting it back anymore. She wishes she had this when she was pregnant with horrible lower back pain, she says that it really helps props up her back and relieve the weight on her lower back, and now recommends it to her other friends that are currently pregnant. If you are looking for a good lumbar cushion, this is it.” - Daniel

    The Grey Cover Material is Eco-friendly and Easy to Maintain 

    The Cushion Lab ergonomists use materials that are environmentally conscious and safe for you. 

    The pillow’s cover is made with 100% recycled polyester blend fabric to enhance breathability. The polyester fabric keeps the grey lumbar pillow cool and dry, especially on hot days. 

    On the flip side, dirt is very conspicuous on the grey cover. And that’s why the cover has a zipper closure for you to remove and wash —‌ by dry-cleaning. However, you should only air dry the pillow cover. Drying it in the machine ruins the cover material.

    zipper closure cotton closure type zipper insert
    Back Relief Lumbar Pillow

    The Grey Lumbar Pillows are Portable 

    Grey lumbar pillows are portable, and you can fix them on any chair.

    You can use the grey lumbar pillows on your couch, bed, dining table, home or office chairs, car seats, and even on a swing. 

    lumbar pillow cover material details: not polyester polyfill closure type and no weave construction
    Back Relief Lumbar Pillow

    They’re also versatile enough to use on soft surfaces like beds or even against pillows that don’t give you sufficient back support. That’s because the lumbar pillow contains an extra dense memory foam for excellent support against soft backings.  

    Likewise, the grey lumbar pillow comes with a gel-lined adjustable strap that you can fasten to the back of any chair. It offers a tight grip to prevent sliding.

    Moreover, the lumbar pillow is indispensable when traveling. It relieves you of the stress of being stuck on a long flight or car ride that’ll give you back pain or distress. 

    So if you’re expecting long hours of sitting in an unfamiliar seat, take your lumbar pillow with you. It’ll cushion your back against any surface. That’ll enhance back support and comfort to ensure you enjoy your trips. 

    The Pillow Goes With Me Everywhere

    I like this pillow - Its size, its support, its appearance. I like to do work that gives me lower back pain, gardening, flying to my children, driving to the country. Having this pillow is a "lifesaver". I am able to do these things and then refresh when using the pillow” - Rhoda

    cover material details: not polyester polyfill closure type
    Back Relief Lumbar Pillow

    The grey lumbar pillow size is compact enough to fit in your travel bag. And so you don’t have to carry multiple luggage.

    Get A Grey Lumbar Pillow Today

    Grey lumbar pillows from The Cushion Lab effortlessly blend into your decor space. The subtle grey tone of the lumbar pillow makes it easy to place anywhere.

    Plus, they come with a unique structure that’ll improve your overall back health.

    For sure, each time you lay down on the couch or bed, you’re looking to rejuvenate your body. At this time, your spine rests and prepares to support you during your next tasks —‌ since the backbone is your body’s central pivotal support structure.

    So, you must ensure the rest doesn’t leave you feeling more tired and with a sore lower back. 

    That’s why it’s vital to choose accurate support cushions. The grey lumbar support pillow from The Cushion Lab offers the best back support for all-day sitting. So be sure to use it on any sitting surface, and you’ll get up feeling more refreshed. 

    When traveling, you’re assured that this lumbar pillow will get you to your destination with no pain and muscle stiffness. Therefore, you’ll be ready for that work meeting or to enjoy your vacation without interruptions from back issues.  

    Featured Image: Piqsels