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    At some point in our lives, we or someone we know have experienced some lower back issues.

    Man having a back pain
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    It’s daunting because the spine is the body’s central support structure. The long interconnection of small bones and discs runs from the neck down to the tailbone. Its primary function is to help the body: 

    • Walk
    • Sit
    • Twist 
    • Stand 
    • Bend 

    That sums up every aspect of our lives. Right?

    The assumption is that a back problem is triggered by age, accidents, or illnesses such as meningitis. But sometimes we hurt the spine subconsciously. And that causes pain, discomfort, and even injuries such as a muscle tear.

    For instance, the wrong sitting stance or sleeping posture can bring on back issues. The result of that is a lot of physical, financial, and emotional distress.

    If you put your body in a prolonged awkward posture, the spine can misalign. Similarly, if you’re an athlete, you may push yourself too hard and injure your back.

    An incorrect form when weight lifting at the gym can injure the nerves, cause back strains and sprains, or weaken the backbones.

    What’s the good news? 

    No matter the reason for your back problems, a lumbar pillow from The Cushion Lab will make it all better. 

    Let’s acquaint ourselves with all that we need to know about lumbar pillows and how they can improve your back health and comfort

    Who Needs a Lumbar Pillow?

    Do you often wake up with a stiff back or experience sharp lumbar pain as you go about your day-to-day chores? 

    Well, that could mean that your back is under too much pressure. 

    And we’ve got just the solution for you! 

    A lumbar pillow (coupled with a doctor’s advice) helps to relieve lower back pain or discomfort —‌ to improve spine health. So, it's perfect for someone who:

    • Sits for prolonged periods. 

    Maybe you’re constantly stuck in long car drives or flights. Or you’ve got long working hours sitting on an uncomfortable office chair. In all those cases, you need a lumbar pillow for enhanced sitting comfort. 

    • Spends a lot of time on their feet —‌ either standing or walking. 

    This is common among health professionals or teachers. For instance, surgeons operate and care for patients for long hours while standing up.   

    • Engages in sports that are strenuous on the back. 
    • Has had back surgeries or treatment for spine injuries.
    • Is aged. 

    For sure, as we grow older, our bodies become weaker. Aging largely affects the spine since it's the body's central support pivot point.

    Causes Of Lumbar Pain

    The lumbar region is sometimes referred to as the lower spine. It’s the abdominal section of the torso between the diaphragm and the sacrum. 

    Here are some reasons you may experience pain in the lumbar region of your spine.

    Mechanical issues

    Such injuries include; damage to the intervertebral discs and the spinal joints. The discs act as shock absorbers. Their dislocation may compress the nearby spinal nerves. And that results in lower back pain. 

    Soft-tissue injuries

    The single most common cause of lower back pain is a torn or pulled muscle and/or ligament. 

    A strained, overstretched, or ripped muscle is no joke. It may result from heavy or incorrect weight lifting, continuous bending, or lack of physical activity. 


    Osteoarthritis simply refers to wear and tear of the facet covering cartilage. It’s triggered by aging. Stillness in aged persons can cause bone spurs (abnormal bone growth) and joint inflammation. 

    That’s one leading reason that the elderly experience confined back pain more often. 

    The Construction Of A Lumbar Pillow

    Let’s dissect the construction and specs of a lumbar back pillow that make it work so perfectly. 

    Advanced design with multi-region back support
    Advanced design with multi-region back support

    The ergonomic design enhances the pillow's functionality. It has specific contouring sections that extend comfort to the surrounding spine region. 

    Here’s how the labeled parts work to give you multi-region back support. 

    Pillow section Function
    1 Gives you a branched ergonomic spine crevice.
    2 Extends the level of cushioning and comfort to the upper-mid back segment of the spine.
    3 Gives you reinforced lower back support.
    4 Helps to naturally contour the spine and give it the natural "S" curve. That corrects the awkward posture and painful trajectory —‌ that an uncomfortable chair has.

    Why You Should Use A Lumbar Pillow

    A lumbar back pillow is a necessity for everyone. You don’t have to wait to develop back issues so that you can invest in one. Prevention is better than cure.

    You should use a lumbar pillow to avoid the conditions that lead to back problems. The most common is an awkward posture that alters the S shape of the spine. 

    Likewise, if you’ve had broken bones or muscle tear because of an accident, this pillow will ease your recovery journey.

    So get a back pillow today because it:

    • Improves comfort and posture
    • Realigns your spine
    • Relieves back tension

    Improves Comfort and Posture

    The Cushion Lab in-house ergonomists designed the Back Relief Lumbar Pillow to naturally contour against the back. That helps to give you perfect lumbar support.

    You can use this pillow to help relieve back pressure and achieve all-day back comfort anywhere. That includes a chair, sofa, recliner, or car seat.

    We often have a decent sitting posture. But as the hours fly on, we sometimes lean in closer to the computer or bend more towards the table. Before you know it, you’re slouching!

    Jack working in the Studio Republic office
    Source: Unsplash

    Moreover, with the freedom to work from anywhere, you may use just any type of chair. From dining chairs, the sofa, or a restaurant seat. Unfortunately, most of the chairs don’t offer the best back support for an appropriate posture.  

    Luckily, the back lumbar pillow helps you sit and stay in the right posture all through!

    The Cushion Lab lumbar pillows have dense memory foam for excellent support. The foam allows you to use the pillow even on soft places such as beds and couches. 

    Here is better news. You can use the Back Relief Lumbar Pillow on any chair. So if you switch between working stations, this back pillow is for you. 

    It has a gel-lined adjustable strap that grips the back of a chair to prevent sliding.

    Back Relief Lumbar Pillow
    Back Relief Lumbar Pillow

    Therefore, you’re guaranteed an uninterrupted comfortable sitting position. You don’t need to keep adjusting the lumbar pillow. 

    Realigns Your Spine

    The spine has a natural S shape. And the lumbar part has a very distinct inward curve. It bends inward to create a C-shaped lordotic curve.

    That shape is very vital. It helps to support and connects the upper spine to the pelvis. More so, it bears most of the bodyweight including the pressure of uplifting and carrying items. 

    No wonder, many back problems occur in the lumbar spine.

    Spinal cord with red details
    Source: Freepik

    Hence, you shouldn't compress it or alter its natural shape and position. Because once the lumbar spine is misaligned, it becomes difficult to do anything.

    Unfortunately, the lumbar spine is at risk of misaligning easily. For instance, long drives or flights, sleeping on the wrong mattress, sitting for too long are all factors that can misalign the lumbar spine. 

    That’s why we recommend using the lumbar pillow at work, at home, and while traveling. It softens any sitting area to make it appropriate for your back. 

    As such it releases any pressure that may build-up from being in one position for too long. That way, your spine doesn’t shift its natural curve. 

    Steve W. Customer Review
    Steve W. | Customer Review

    Relieve Back Tension

    Back tension is common among older fellows who have limited movement. Also, young folks who stay in one position for too long experience it. For example, if your job requires you to sit for long hours, you may have a stiff and painful lower back.

    Man at laptop, stretching, backache position
    Source: Freepik

    The lumbar back pillow insert contains two types of memory foam. The 100% Extra-dense Hyperfoam and a certified premium Visco elastic memory foam.

    Using memory foam is effective for tension relief. The hyperfoam conveniently corresponds to the natural S curve of the spine when you lay on it.

    Hence, it gives you pressure-relieving back support for all-day sitting comfort.

    Back Relief Lumbar Pillow
    Back Relief Lumbar Pillow

    A 5-star review:

    “I am a dispatcher at a bus company and I sit for at least 7 hours a day and my back takes a beating :( but since I receive my Back Relief Lumbar Pillow I have no more lower back pain from sitting, it really helps keep my posture correct!!!!”

    Did we mention the pillow is breathable?

    Our ergonomists design the pillow cover with 100% recycled polyester fabric, organic cotton, and memory foam. The materials allow air circulation so that the pillow releases extra moisture. 

    So during a hot summer day, you won’t be dealing with a sweaty back. The back pillow gives you cool and airy support.

    How To Buy And Care For Lumbar Pillows

    To purchase the back lumbar pillow, simply browse and choose the type of back pillow you’d like from the collection. The Cushion Lab has two versions — the work and travel back pillow.

    The pillows come in four colors — Grey, Black, Navy, and Red. So pick one that best complements the colors and decor of your space.  

    Once you decide on the type and number of pillows, select the colors you like and ‘add to cart.’ However, before completing the purchase, you can check the items’ details in the cart sub-menu and make adjustments if necessary. 

    We’re always happy to help. So be sure to contact us in case of any order modifications or updates. These include correction of an email error or a change of the colors of the pillow. 

    The lumbar back pillow cover is removable and washable by dry cleaning. But the memory foam is not washable. 

    Note: After washing the pillow’s top cover, be sure to air dry it. Don’t dry it in the machine.

    And the best part is that the pillow is portable.

    Rhoda S. Customer Review
    Rhoda S. | Customer Review

    You can carry it with you anywhere and use it on any seat — thanks to the adjustable strap. 

    Reclaim Your Back Health Today!

    The Cushion Lab team of experts aims to give you ultimate back comfort no matter where you are. 

    They adopt a human-centered design and use natural materials. The combination of organic cotton, recycled polyester fabric, and high-density hyper foam provides you with a cool and cushioning pressure relief.

    Get yourself the Back Relief Lumbar Pillow today and transform any sitting area into a comfortable space that promotes back health.

    Featured Image: Flickr by Chantelle van Heerden