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    What Is the Best Seat Cushion Material: Gel or Memory Foam?

    We don’t dedicate a lot of thought to sitting. We sit down to eat, drive, work, have a coffee, watch TV. Chances are, you’re sitting down right now. It’s an everyday activity people do without much thought.

    Until the pain starts.

    If you suffer from back pain, you know how uncomfortable it is to sit down and complete even the most mundane everyday activities.

    But take heart, there’s a solution to your lower back pain: seat cushions. They provide relief so you can go about your day pain-free.

    If you’re looking to get a new seat cushion, you probably already know there are two main categories out there: gel cushions and memory foam cushions.

    At The Cushion Lab, your comfort is our #1 concern; with that in mind, we’ve come up with everything you should know about memory foam and gel cushions.

    What Are Memory Foam Seat Cushions?

    purple double, chair, Comfilife Gel Enhanced Seat, velour cover
    Pressure Relief Seat Cushion

    Memory foam was developed by NASA over 50 years ago. Their goal was to provide better seat cushioning and crash protection for both pilots and passengers.

    Also called temper foam, memory foam combines viscoelastic polyurethane with various other chemicals — enabling the seat cushions to contour to your body and promote:

    • Durability
    • Viscosity
    • Density

    With this combination of materials, the inner foam bubbles or cells remain open, allowing air to move freely throughout. This helps to create the best breathable back cushion.

    Memory foam cushions bring together viscosity and elasticity. This provides a material that can change shape by conforming to the user’s body and then stretch out when returning to its original form.

    What Are Gel-Infused Seat Cushions?

    A memory foam cushion, infused and fortified with gel, is called a gel-infused seat cushion. 

    To make gel memory foam, cooling gels or gel beads are added to the memory foam. This is a great option if you get hot while sitting, as the gel wicks heat away from you, making the material more breathable. 

    Compared to memory foam, a gel enhanced seat cushion is firmer to the touch. Gel-infused seat cushions will also contour to your body, but because they’re firmer, you won’t get that sinking cushiness inherent in a memory foam cushion.

    Another difference between them is that the gel microbeads make the memory foam high density, which means it’ll feel firmer when you touch it. 

    If you think memory foam is too low-density for your needs, then a gel-infused cushion could be your best option.

    Memory Foam and Gel Seat Cushion Benefits

    Health Benefits

    chair, handle, u shaped, adjustable straps, mesh cover, 3.5 inches
    Pressure Relief Seat Cushion

    Cushions in both of these materials will reduce the amount of strain placed on your back and hips when you sit for long time periods thanks to their cut-out design.

    This design helps to alleviate your lower back pain, tailbone pressure, and hip pain because it gives these body parts adequate support.

    By distributing your body weight equally across the seat, the level of stress decreases.

    A good quality memory or gel foam cushion will also help prevent spine health problems, such as sciatica pain and herniated discs.

    Improves Posture

    It’s been scientifically proven that sitting for a long time isn’t healthy. This can cause both circulatory and back problems.

    A good spine alignment will help prevent chronic health conditions. By investing in a high-quality seat cushion for your office chair or car seat, you won’t have to readjust and fidget all the time. Instead, you can focus on your work and boost your energy levels.

    What’s more, adjustable straps and a non-slip rubber bottom help keep the cushion in place.


    fabric cover, posture, office chairs, carrying handle
    Pressure Relief Seat Cushion

    A cushion from a reputable manufacturer like The Cushion Lab will be thick, durable, and long-lasting.

    These cushions are also easy to clean. Most of them come with a removable, washable cover. Just pop it in the washing machine, and it’s good as new.

    Or, you can clean the cushion with a damp cloth.

    Memory and Gel Foam Seat Cushion Differences 


    Density is a crucial factor to consider when you are using a cushion for longer periods of time. Low-density memory foam will start to soften and sink as time goes by.

    On the other hand, a high-density cushion will give you everlasting comfort and won’t lose its shape.

    If you want a firmer pillow, take a look at gel insert seat cushions, as the gel microbeads make the memory foam denser.

    Heat Retention

    Gel-infused memory foam seat cushions have microbeads that help the material stay cool and prevent the user from overheating.

    Pro tip: Find a seat cushion that isn’t only gel-infused but also has ventilation. This will relieve pressure and leave you feeling cool.

    On the other hand, one of the most common issues with memory foam cushions is that they retain a lot of heat.

    Luckily, modern manufacturers like The Cushion Lab have plenty of innovations and tweaks to solve this issue.

    The Cushion Lab uses earth-friendly recycled polyester, which is breathable and wicks moisture. You’ll stay cool even during summer heatwaves.

    Memory Foam vs. Gel-Infused Cushion Seat: the Verdict

    Pressure Relief Seat Cushion
    Pressure Relief Seat Cushion

    We’ve covered what they are, along with their similarities and differences. Now it’s decision time. What’s the best seat cushion for your needs?

    Our vote goes to memory foam cushions. After all, who are we to not support a NASA invention?

    But, we did some tweaking on our own to get you the best pressure relief seat cushion on the market.

    Why do we think memory foam takes home the gold?

    Because our ergonomic seat cushion is patented by our in-house ergonomists and scientifically designed to alleviate or prevent back issues.

    Did you know? Our HYPERFOAM™ — soft, rebounding memory foam — is infused with charcoal extract. This serves a dual purpose:

    • Prevents odor
    • Conforms naturally around the leg and hip to release tension in the muscles

    It’ll feel like you’re sitting on a cloud.

    But that’s not the end of this seat cushion’s superb features:

    • The removable cover is made from recycled material, and it’ll help you stay cool all day long.
    • The ergonomic design helps improve posture.
    • It’s portable — whether you use it on your home office chair or a kitchen chair, you’ll get all the lumbar support you need.
    • Non-slip bottom — the grippy bottom easily secures the cushion to the chair.

    For the best lumbar support and to banish lower back pain for good, combine your seat cushion with a Back Relief Lumbar Pillow.

    Pressure Relief Seat Cushion
    Pressure Relief Seat Cushion

    Still not convinced? Here’s what one of our many happy customers has to say:

    “This is not my first seat cushion, but it's by far my favorite! To start, the groves for your thighs are really comfortable and they prevent my legs from going to sleep. It's made with a denser type of memory foam that doesn't flatten like my other cushions do, which is really crucial if you plan to spend any extended period of time sitting. My favorite, however, is the split design and that wraps around the hip, I find that it really helps distribute my weight and prevent lower back tightness. All in all, I definitely recommend picking this up!” Margaret W.

    What are you waiting for? Get your memory foam seat cushion and lumbar support pillow today and never struggle with pain again.