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    The day has finally come for you to impress your boss. You go to work excited about the level of expertise you’ll unleash.

    Two hours later, it happens.

    You feel excruciating lower back pain. You freeze because the pain is unbearable.

    Your muscles feel tense as you try to rub your back to get some relief.

    You manage to move side to side to ease the pain and get your groove back.

    But you know that's it, you’ll spend the rest of your day fidgeting in your office chair.

    ... And, there goes your plan to impress your boss.

    The Cushion Lab anticipated such a day would come and made sure you wouldn't miss the opportunity to get that promotion.

    Our back relief lumbar pillow does the perfect job of giving you the best lumbar support that:

    • Evenly supports your back 
    • Maintains your spinal curvature
    • Corrects your sitting posture 
    • Gently massages your back

    Even chiropractors advocate the use of our lumbar support cushion. You can use it with the ergonomic seat cushion for optimal results.

    There are compelling benefits of lumbar pillows that chiropractors affirm improve overall body wellness and prolonged spinal health.

    Before looking at these benefits, let's discuss the components of a good back support pillow and how their design influences the benefits you enjoy.

    Beneficial Components of Back Support Pillows

    Best lumbar support pillow for good posture
    Back Relief Lumbar Pillow

    The most common cause of lower back pain is mechanical strain caused by poor posture.

    Incorrect posture leads to episodes of:

    • Pulled or torn muscles 
    • Intervertebral disc damage
    • Wrong movement of spinal joints 
    • Compression of nerve roots.

    A good lumbar support pillow recommended by chiropractors should address these issues and ensure that your spine and back features are well supported.

    The enjoyment of the benefits of lumbar support pillows lies in finding a back cushion with the ideal components.

    Component Overall function for your back
    High-density memory foam back cushion Supports your back while maintaining the natural curvature of your spine.
    Breathable and durable outer cover Prevents you from feeling hot, leading to movements that may alter your posture.
    Gel-lined adjustable straps Accommodates different makes of office chairs and prevents sliding.
    Ergonomic design Adjusts to the contours and curvature of your back and spine.

    The Cushion Lab’s extra support back relief pillow has these fantastic features your back desperately needs.

    Parts of a Lumbar Support Pillow and Their Beneficial Functions

    The best back support pillows have features that take into consideration the anatomy of your back, which is comprised of:

    • Muscles and ligaments
    • Spinal vertebrae and joints
    • Spinal nerves

    Back support pillow
    Back Relief Lumbar Pillow

    The patented design for The Cushion Lab support pillows targets a specific area of your back and offers optimal support that alleviates back pain.

    Here's how the individual parts of The Cushion Lab memory foam back cushion add to your overall back comfort.

    Part Target Area Function
    1 Spinal vertebrae and cord The cut-out section helps to maintain the S-shaped spinal curvature.
    2 Mid-lower back muscles Evenly distributes the back weight and offers gentle support to these muscles.
    3 Lower back muscles and spinal nerves Focuses on weight distribution and cushions the spinal nerves. The ergonomic seat cushion works perfectly with this part of the lumbar cushion.
    4 Spinal vertebrae and nerves and pelvic muscles The cut-out alleviates pressure from the pelvic muscles and maintains the curvature of the spine.

    Chiropractor Diane E. Grindin affirms the design above in her journal,

    “A lumbar support pillow with a cut-out for the posterior pelvic tissues improved an objective measure of comfort in healthy individuals and patients with low back pain. Lumbar flattening was decreased and thoracolumbar curvature was increased.”

    Benefits of Lumbar Support Pillows 

    Back support pillows with adjustable strap
    Back Relief Lumbar Pillow

    Back pain statistics reveal that approximately half the working American population state that they suffer from lower back pain each year.

    Knowing the benefits of a lumbar support pillow will lead you in the right direction to either avoid being part of this statistic or saying goodbye to it.

    Chiropractors concur that the benefits of memory foam lumbar support pillows will improve your overall body posture, offer you relief from long-standing lower back pain, and promote better sitting comfort.

    Improves Overall Body Posture

    Did you know that the wrong posture affects how you digest your food, makes it harder to breathe, and increases your risk of falling? It also limits flexibility, wears out your spine, and misaligns the musculoskeletal system.

    The natural curve of your spine is in your lower back, mid-back, and neck. These curves give you the perfect picture of the posture you need to maintain.

    There are two types of posture — dynamic and static posture. Dynamic posture regards how you hold yourself while walking, running, or bending. Static posture concerns your position while sitting, standing, or sleeping.

    Most office chairs are not ergonomic-friendly, and they do more harm to your static posture.

    Using a back support pillow will deal with the negative consequences of the wrong posture created in your lower and mid-back.

    Relieves Long-Standing Lower Back Pain

    Lumbar cushion for lower back pain
    The Best Sleeping Position for Lower Back Pain

    The lower back of the spine is the most likely region to wear out and sustain injury because it carries most of the body weight and is relatively mobile.

    This combination of function and anatomy of the back can, without a proper support cushion, lead to chronic lower back pain due to:

    • Spinal nerve compression leading to Sciatica
    • Excessive muscle and ligament strain and injury
    • Degeneration of the spinal bone and joint space leading to friction of the vertebral bodies

    The use of ergonomic lumbar pillows helps alleviate the side effects of months or years of straining the back by relieving pain and easing back tension, as stated by chiropractor Mohsen Makhsous.

    “Sitting with reduced ischial support and fitted backrest to the lower spine altered the contact area, reduced peak pressure under the ischia, reduced muscular activity, maintained total and segmental lumbar lordosis, rotated the sacrum forward, and increased lumbar intervertebral disc heights, which potentially reduced lower back pain.”

    Promotes Better Sitting Comfort

    Sitting for a prolonged period and poor sitting habits causes your muscles to stiffen and increases stress on your spinal pressure points.

    Tightened muscles reduce proper blood circulation leading to muscle cramps and heightened fatigue.

    Lumbar support pillows also prevent pelvic and hip pain caused by straining of the oblique muscles of the back.

    Ergonomic lumbar cushions sit nicely between your back and the office chair, offering support to your muscles, evenly distributing your weight, and allowing your overworked muscles to heal.

    Give Your Chair the Ultimate Cushion Lab Experience

    Seat cushion with back cushion
    Back Relief Lumbar Pillow

    Back pain leads to numerous missed opportunities due to frequent visits to the hospital and missed working days.

    Using the right back support pillow on your office chair ensures you stay on top of your game and reach your goals healthwise and at work.

    The Cushion Lab has gone a step further by offering you the ultimate comfort experience by giving you the best option of combining the extra support back relief lumbar pillow and ergonomic seat cushion.

    This combination amplifies the benefits of the lumbar cushion and takes it to a new level of spinal and musculoskeletal health, leading your chiropractor to miss your visits.

    Daniel Customer Review
    Daniel | Customer Review

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