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    9 reviews

    Neck Roll Pillow

    Specially designed by in-house ergonomists, the cylindrical Neck Roll Pillow is designed to be placed under the neck to help stretch the muscle, allowing the neck to regain its natural curve to release pressure and enhance healthy alignment

    This bolster pillow is medium-firm and can be used in many ways to provide comfort:
    • Place it behind the back to enjoy instant lumbar support with an office chair or car seat.
    • Place it between your legs for side sleeping support.
    • Place it under your knees for back sleeping back relief
    *Travel bag included.

    18 L x 4 W inches
    Customer Reviews
    4.9 Based on 9 Reviews
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      Jonathan W.

      Made my own neck support pillow

      I have been on a search to lessen the pressure on my neck and shoulder as a side sleeper. I ended inserting this bolster into the same pillowcase as my current pillow and made my own "neck support pillow". It actually worked out perfect, now I have firm neck support and soft head cushion, the best of both!

      Jonathan Williams verified customer review of Jonathan Williams verified customer review of
      Alexander L.

      This did the trick!

      I'm four nights in so far and I can not be happier with this pillow. I haven't felt this pain-free in a long time. I would say my usual neck pain is about 85~90% gone and I am hoping I can be free of the rest if I keep using it. I would definitely recommend this pillow if you have neck pain like I do.

      Alexander L verified customer review of

      I wish I had gotten this pillow earlier

      This is awI didn't realize that I was gonna love this pillow so much! I didn't know pillows like these exist until I was introduced by my chiropractor for my neck pain. It fits right under the back of my neck and the lower part of my head, it's much more comfortable than you think, and you can feel your neck slowly loosen from the stretch. I use this pillow anytime I get any tightness in my neck, it's such an effective little pillow! What's surprising is that you can use this pillow between your legs as support or behind the back as an instant lumbar (I use it when I drive) It even comes with a storage pouch so I can bring it everywhere. I am very pleased with this pillow, highly recommended!esome!

      Anne verified customer review of
      Elizabeth W.

      Best neck help ever

      This is the best neck help ever, full stop. I've stopped going to massages, physical therapists after using this. No more neck or shoulder pains, all from a simple, although high quality, bolster pillow! My neck as never been the same since a previous injury and a friend had mentioned these types of neck rolls....and after trying this one, I am sold. This has been a revelation for someone with chronic neck & shoulder pain. On top of that, the company had sent a couple of emails to follow up to ensure I have a good experience and if I had any problems, to let them know, this has been one of my best shopping experiences in recent years!

      Elizabeth Walsh verified customer review of

      This one has great support for my neck

      I tried one from another brand on Amazon, and it was too skinny and soft to offer any real support. This pillow felt much more supportive but is still cushiony. After a week of using it, I wake up without any neck stiffness, so happy with this purchase!