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    Finding outthebest sleep position for your body is often a hot topic, you can read our take here. However, did you know that your preferred sleep position is a window to your personality? Find your sleep position below and read about what it says about you:

    1. The soldier

    "Atten-Hut, At ease soldier!" You sleep as if standing at attention. The sleepy soldiers are strong, reserved, and focused folks. You have an affinity towards structure and foundation, in other words, you can be a bear for those around you due to your seriousness and high expectations. More often than not, you know what you want and how to get it. There's also a high chance that you might snore.

    2. The Starfish

    Hey there Patrick! The Starfish sleepers have their unique flairs yet they shy away from being the center of attention. Your friends are lucky to have you because you prioritize relationships, are loyal to friends, listens and you go out of your ways to help them and be supportive. You also like to give out hugs!

    3. The Yearner

    The yearner with open arms. You are open and inviting, yet strangely, you are also skeptical and suspicious of new things. It might take a while to become your friend, just like how it takes a long time for you to make any decision. However, once you make up your mind, you are focused to the point of being a bit stubborn. Definitely, a very rational approach to life.

    4. Fetal Position

    You sleep like a baby, in a literal sense!You put on a tough shell but are really the shy and sensitive type. It takes a while for you to warm up, but once you do, you are affectionate and personable. You often overwhelm yourself by over-thinking a problem and worry unnecessarily, before even starting. You are extremely sympathetic and expressive, perfect as a creative or artist!

    5. The Freefall

    You are a leader!You are brash, spirited, and a risk taker. You take things head on and seem undoubting to your followers, interestingly, you are also secretly anxious with a heavy sense of responsibility that forces you to be a control freak from time to time. This leads to your dislike of ever-changing surrounding and excessive variables. Like most leaders, you don't cope well with criticisms and often take them personally.

    Isn't it interesting what basic body language reveals about your personality?

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