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    You’ve probably heard it over and over — you need at least seven to nine hours of sleep to be well-rested.

    However, you can sleep for this number of recommended hours and still wake up feeling exhausted. And this is because your sleep quality is equally, if not more, important than the number of hours you sleep.  

    High quality sleep means you:

    • Fall asleep within 30 minutes of getting to bed.
    • Sleep through the night, without waking up more than once. 
    • Wake up energized.

    Memory foam pillows can give you the comfort and posture necessary to get high-quality sleep.

    You’re probably wondering, “What makes memory foam pillows better than regular pillows?”

    Memory foam is made out of polyurethane. This is a material that softens and molds easily when exposed to heat and pressure.

    When you lie on it, the heat and weight from your body causes it to contour to your shoulders, head, and neck. 

    This makes it effective at providing superior comfort and support. 

    Check out these five benefits that make pillows made with memory foam an excellent choice for you.

    Neck Relief Ergonomic Cervical Pillow
    Neck Relief Ergonomic Cervical Pillow

    1. They Offer Excellent Support 

    As we mentioned, one unique feature of memory foam material is its unique ability to mold to the shape of your body in response to the pressure applied by your weight.

    A memory foam pillow will hold the contours of your head and neck and distribute your weight evenly.  

    This ensures things like every part of your neck receiving an equal level of support, such that it is not crooked or holding your head at an incline.

    With your head correctly aligned with your neck, it keeps your airways open throughout the night, promoting the proper function of your upper respiratory tract.

    Having unobstructed airways during sleep can prevent snoring, which could have you waking up in the middle of the night. This can cause daytime sleepiness and low productivity for lack of proper rest. 

    Proper support and alignment of your head and neck also mean that the muscles in these areas do not have to remain engaged as you sleep. It will relieve muscle tension and prevent stiffness.  

    Memory foam’s ability to adapt to your body’s shape also means that you do not have to keep adjusting the pillow as you change your sleeping position — instead, it will quickly adapt to your new sleeping posture and continue providing the support you need.

    2. They Relieve Pressure  

    A pillow made with memory foam is your best bet at relieving your pressure points

    Pressure points are the areas of your body that receive the most stress and discomfort from your weight as you lie down. These points can be on your neck, shoulders, or back, depending on your sleep position

    Regularly applying excessive pressure in these areas can cause restless sleep, and cause you to wake up with pain.

    Due to the memory foam’s ability to contour your body, it distributes the pressure applied by your weight evenly across the surface area of your face, neck, and shoulders. 

    It prevents tension from building up in a single area.  

    The best memory foam pillow will also gently cradle your neck and keep its natural curve. This enables it to let go of any pressure and prevents strain on your back, neck, and shoulders.

    For the ultimate pressure relief, get the right bed pillow size. If the pillow is too high or too low, it could cause pressure build-up in your neck instead of releasing it.

    3. They Help Align Your Spine

    Regardless of your sleeping position, maintaining proper alignment of your spine helps maintain proper posture as you sleep. 

    A significant win with having a pillow made with memory foam is that it molds to your natural neck shape, enabling your spine to stay in a neutral position as you sleep. This keeps your neck correctly aligned with your chest and lower back.   

    It relaxes your back muscles and ligaments and enables the body to recover from postural stress.

    This is unlike most regular pillows that tend to push your neck upwards, taking your spine out of alignment and causing stress, discomfort, and possibly even long-term injury.

    If you’re a side sleeper, getting an additional memory foam knee pillow can help with your spine’s proper alignment.

    4. They Relieve Neck and Shoulder Pain  

    You’ve probably experienced neck and shoulder pain at some point in your life. 

    Strenuous physical work, play, or hunching over an office chair for long hours can strain the tendons and muscles in your neck and shoulders. It can lead to pain that can primarily affect your productivity and quality of life.

    The best memory foam pillow can help reduce these pains, due to:

    • Its supportive properties.
    • Its ability to foster the proper alignment of your spine.

    Keeping your head properly supported allows the muscles in your neck and head to disengage. This means your shoulders no longer need to support your head, and this gives them time to relax and release tension.  

    Your shoulders will feel lighter in the morning, with reduced aches and pains.

    By providing optimal alignment of the cervical vertebra — the vertebrae in your neck area, directly below the skull — your pillow can reduce and prevent neck pain. 

    It can also help relieve whiplash injuries and simple neck strains.       

    5. Memory Foam Pillows Are Hypoallergenic and Hygienic  

    Allergies are no fun, and if they act up every time you go to bed, they can negatively affect your sleep quality. 

    Allergic reactions to bedding can range from a stuffy nose and watery eyes to respiratory difficulties and rashes. 

    Common causes include:   

    • Mold
    • Dust and dust mites
    • Certain fabrics
    • Mildew

    If you’re prone to allergies, pillows made with cotton, feathers, and wool release airborne material that can trigger a reaction and make sleeping difficult.

    A memory foam pillow will be different.  

    Memory foam is a synthetic material that is non-toxic and naturally hypoallergenic. It’s resistant to mold, bacteria, fungus, and will keep off dust mites.   

    You also don’t have to worry about respiratory difficulties caused by dust retention.

    These pillows are not enclosed, which makes them easy to spot clean often. This prevents dust, sweat, and oil buildup. 

    The best memory foam pillows also come in a removable machine-washable cover, making it easy to maintain hygiene.

    How Can You Select the Best Memory Foam Pillows?

    Neck Relief Ergonomic Cervical Pillow
    Neck Relief Ergonomic Cervical Pillow

    There are a few things you need to give consideration to when choosing a memory foam pillow.

    Its Heat Retention  

    Memory foam is sensitive to your body heat. 

    While this is crucial to providing adequate support, it also means that the pillow traps heat. This can make it warm and uncomfortable, especially during hotter months.  

    For this reason, the best memory foam pillow will be:

    • Gel-infused to dissipate heat.
    • Specially designed to facilitate proper airflow.

    The Density of the Memory Foam Pillow 

    Density is also an essential factor to consider if you want to get the most from your pillow.

    Memory foam comes in three densities — low, medium, and high.  

    Although the quality and price may vary depending on the brand, low-density memory foam pillows tend to be more affordable than medium and high densities. But, they are also not as durable. 

    High density, on the other hand, may be too firm for some people. They also tend to be pricier than low and medium-density pillows. 

    The best memory foam pillows come in medium-density memory foam. It strikes the perfect balance of comfort, support, and durability without breaking your budget.  

    Solid vs. Shredded Memory Foam   

    Memory foam can come either as shredded foam or as one solid block of memory foam fill. 

    Shredded memory foam is flexible and easy to customize to suit various sleep positions — side, back, stomach, and others. 

    However, a solid memory foam pillow is more supportive and has a better cradling effect. It is an excellent option for side or back sleepers.  

    Ready to Order a Memory Foam Pillow? (Includes a Coupon and Ships to 48 Contiguous States) 

    It’s time to change the way you sleep.

    Our Neck Relief Ergonomic Cervical Pillow comes in an ergonomic design that is sure to give you a relaxing sleep experience.   

    With an in-house team of ergonomists, you can be sure that every arc, curve, raise, and slope in this solid, medium-density pillow is designed to ensure that it: 

    • Fosters good shoulder, neck, and head support.
    • Gently cradles your neck and keeps it aligned with your upper spine.
    • Relieves pressure in your neck and pressure points.
    • Eases shoulder and neck pain.

    This pillow is made with our proprietary memory foam that is gel-infused and fitted with a mesh inner layer for adequate air circulation. 

    It provides the perfect balance of support and cloud-like comfort. 

    Erin M Customer review
    Customer Review | Erin M.

    When you need a memory foam pillow with higher density for extra neck and shoulder support, we have the best Cooling Neck Support Contour Pillow to meet your needs.     

    At Cushion Lab, we are committed to providing you with comfort-inducing products. Our pillows will ensure that you wake up with the energy you need to achieve your dreams and great things. 

    Make your order today.